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Hime To Miko 1-5 by Katidid1992

Amy: This is my first critique, so sorry if it's not very helpful. The panel layout and the use of tones is excellent. Michiru's arms l...

Progress Report on Various Stories/Projects

Amy's Stories and Projects:

Sonic’s World: 20 Years From Now Pre-Series
Posted: 43% of script, 87% of pictures
Remainder script: 85% done, corrections still need to be made
Remaining Pictures: 0% done, probably will be worked on after corresponding issues have been posted
Total Progress on Pre-Series: 54%

Sonic’s World: 20 Years From Now
Current Saga:
Posted: 20% of script (Estimated 3 issues out of 15), 100% of pictures
Remainder of Script: 90% done, needs to be proofread and cut down some
Remaining Pictures: N/A
Total Progress on Saga: 70%

New pictures of the Adventurers
Posted: 33%
Current Picture: 80% complete (need to do shading)
Remaining pictures: 0% complete
Total Progress: 38%

Shadow and Christi
Current chapter: 0%

Christi and NiGHTS:
Current Chapter 0%

Emerald Adventures
Next page: 10% complete? I've started a basic sketch on a piece of paper. I've decided to do my preliminary sketches on paper, and then refine the drawings in Manga Studio. I am still considering finishing and posting the script for the first issue, because it will take forever for the story to go anywhere doing it in comic form. Therefore, the comic may become something of a side project for when I'm bored and have time to kill.

Prima Power
Next Chapter: 0% complete
Next Picture: N/A
Remaining pictures: N/A

Royal Jewels
Next Chapter: 0% complete
Next picture: 10% I need to work on my concept art for some other characters, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. ^^;

Divine Destiny
First Chapter: 25% complete. I keep getting stuck, plus, I usually only write it on Fridays and Saturdays, and I tend to spend most of Saturday sleeping. ^^;
Next Picture: N/A

Sonic Drama: Chat Time
Script: 0% Currently, I am unable to work on this series as we have only received one question since the last episode
Character drawings: N/A
Character setup: N/A
Voices: N/A
Animation: N/A
Video editing: N/A

Blaze's Stories and Projects:

Tokyo Element
Next chapter: 0% complete (need to decide which girl to bring in next)
Concept art:
girls: 100% (may wait till later to post :?)
bots: 100% (all on one pic so that'll have to wait)
demons: 0% (having creative difficulties with the earth demon)
Raion and Tora: 100%
villain: 0%

Modern Dragon Riders ~~
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: Not sure ^_^' (still working on how to draw dragons)

Crepuscular Peak
Next Chapter:0%
Concept art: nearly done (still got a couple designs to figure out)

Neo Nightopia
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: 100% (almost all characters in this story are not mine ^_^')

Hollow Fields: New Experiences
First chapter: 35%
Concept art: 0% (almost all characters in this story are not mine ^_^')

Half-Blood Dragon
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: 10% (really need to work on that)

The Craftsman Project
First chapter: 50%
Concept art: <5%

Beta Team
Next chapter: 12%
Concept art: 10%?

No Longer Wonderland*
First chapter: 0%
Concept art: nearly done (still got a couple creatures to design)

*Title subject to change

Amy and Blaze's Joint Projects:

Sonic Drama Island ~~
Next Episode: 25% written
Pictures: N/A

Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Story
First Chapter: 0% completed (we really need to start working on that)

~~ in hiatus


Two characters with complex background
If you want more than two characters, add an additional ten points per character to the price. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Two characters with simple background
If you want more than two characters, add an additional ten points per character to the price. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Two characters with no background
If you want more than two characters, add an additional ten points per character to the price. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Single character with complex background.
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Single Character without Background
A drawing of one character with a transparent or solid colored background. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.


All of these results are the ones Amy got.

What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
Hosted By Anime

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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What Sonic-X Character Are You?
What Sonic-X Character Are You?
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Amy: Um... they do know Amy is a hedgehog, right?

Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?
Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?
Hosted By Anime

What Power Puff Girl Z Are You?
What Power Puff Girl Z Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Amy: Seriously? Why is it I almost always get results that mean "leader"? I am so not a leader.

How Mature Do You Think?
How Mature Do You Think?
Hosted By Anime

Amy: I find this result a little odd since most people say I am emotionally immature. I would've thought I'd have gotten like, preteen, teenager at best. But maybe this is talking about your ability to rationalize and things of that nature, rather than how appropriate your interests are in comparison to your age. ^^;

What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
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What Type Of Gamer Are You?
What Type Of Gamer Are You?
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Amy: I find this one funny since I don't play any hardcore games at all. ^^; The highest maturity rating I've ever even played is Teen, but I usually don't go above E10. Then again, I do own almost all the current systems (I have no interest in a PS3, and I doubt I'll buy a PS4 or XBOX One).

What Genre Of Manga Are You?
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
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What Is Your Anime Hair Colour?
What Is Your Anime Hair Colour?
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This one, evidently, was for fantasy hair colors. ^^; At least I got the hair color I like best.

What's Your Personality Quirk?
What's Your Personality Quirk?
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...This picture has Luffy's scar on the wrong side....

What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
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What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?
What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?
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What Element Of Harmony Are You?
What Element Of Harmony Are You?
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A few days after Rita returned to rehearsal, Azami was stepping off the bus with Lily when she accidentally bumped into Derek, “Aah! S-Sumimasen!” She cried while bowing quickly. Derek smiled kindly at her, “Don’t worry about it Azami.” He told her, waving as he hurried to catch up to his cousin. Azami stared after him dumbly, her cheeks a light shade of pink. Jessamina noticed this and smirked, “Ooh la, la. You’ve got it bad.” She remarked coyly. “I-I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Azami returned. “I think you do, it’s written all over your face. You are in love with Derek.” Azami buried her face in her bag in embarrassment.

Lily broke into a broad grin, “Oh my gosh. Girl time!” She declared, grabbing Azami’s hand before looking at Rita, “Rita, do you wanna join us?” “No thanks. I have homework.” Rita replied without looking up from her book. Lily shrugged and dragged Azami toward the dormitory with Jessamina following. “Chotto matte!” Azami cried.

Two hours later, the three girls were comfortably in their pajamas and gathered in Lily’s room to snack and chat. Of course, Flora and Snowbell were there too. “Come on Azami, spill.” Lily prodded. “Spill what?” Azami asked in confusion. “I mean tell us. Tell us about your crush on Derek. How long have you liked him?” Azami looked down, “Since I met him at the Halloween party.” “That long?” Jessamina replied, “Why haven’t you told him how you feel?” “I can’t! It’s embarrassing!” Azami cried, burying her face in a throw pillow. “Well you’re not going to get anywhere by being silent.” Lily told her. “Oui,” Jessamina agreed, “If you do not confess, someone else may steal him away. I have heard that your classmate Marlene has eyes for him as well.” “How do you know that?” Lily inquired. The French girl smirked, “I know about all matters of romance in the Key Stage 3 group.” The pink haired girl sweat-dropped.

Since she was unable to convince Azami to confess to Derek, Lily decided to help out a little. “You know, you don’t have to call me. We live on the same campus.” Eric told her when she called him after the other two girls had left. “I know,” the pink haired girl replied, “But I’m not allowed in the boys’ dorm, and besides, it’s almost lights out.” “So what did you need?” Eric asked. “I think Azami likes Derek. Do you know if he’s interested in her?” “I don’t know if he’s ever thought about it.” Eric admitted, “Derek isn’t too good with girls.” “I think they would be a cute couple.” Lily mused, “They just need a little push.” “Whoa now,” Eric started, seeing where this was headed, “I’m not about to embark in some crazy matchmaking scheme Lily.” “Don’t worry, it’s not like that. You’ll like what I have in mind.”

The next day was Sunday, and Lily and Eric began putting her plan into motion. “Hey Azami.” Lily said when she found her friend in the lounge, “Nan desu ka?” Azami replied, looking up from her book. “Eric and I are going into town to look at Christmas Lights, why don’t you come along?” Azami looked at her strangely, “I would not want to intrude on your date…” “You won’t be, because we’re inviting Derek too.” “This wouldn’t be some strange plot to pair us up, would it?” “Nope, it’s a double date.” “Does Derek-san know that?” “Doesn’t matter. We have a saying in America, ‘It’s a date whether or not the boy knows it.’” “I don’t think that’s… true!” Azami replied, yelling out the last part as Lily dragged her along.

Sometime later, the group of teens were walking through the village, looking at the various Christmas displays. However, Derek seemed more interested in talking to his cousin than to Azami. Lily decided that in order for this to be a date for either pair, she and Eric would have to break off. She grabbed Eric’s arm to get his attention, “Ooh, Eric, I’m really cold. How about some hot chocolate?” “Sure.” Her boyfriend replied. “We’ll come too.” Derek added. “No!” Lily cried, earning her a strange look from the other boy, “I mean, uh, you guys go ahead and keep looking. We’ll catch up.” “I see what’s going on here…” The red-haired boy replied, resulting in a nervous expression from Lily, to which he responded with a broad grin, “You guys wanna be alone, don’t you?” “Ha, ha. You got me.” Lily replied, mentally rejoicing the fact that Derek was apparently dense, “Just for a few minutes? Please?” “No problem.” Derek replied good-naturedly, “Come on Azami. We’ll get some hot chocolate of our own in the park.” “O-Okay!” the Japanese girl replied, following the boy into the park as the other two headed to a nearby café.

“That was well-played.” Eric joked. “Oh shut up and be grateful that your cousin isn’t as perceptive as Azami.” Lily replied, though she sounded happy.

“Come on Azami, the stand is right over here.” Derek told the Japanese girl as he led her through the park. “Hai…” Azami replied quietly, suddenly feeling very shy. “Guten tag, Derek.” A voice said. “Huh?” Derek said, looking to the side and seeing a girl with red hair approaching them, “Oh, good afternoon Marlene.” “What brings you to the park on this lovely winter’s day?” she asked smoothly. “Azami and I were just getting some hot chocolate.” “I see.” She replied, casting a cold glance at Azami that Derek failed to notice, before lightly placing a hand on his arm, “I hope you will treat me to hot chocolate in the park sometime.” She cooed. “Uh, sure.” Derek agreed, having no idea what she was getting at. The sound of running footsteps caught his attention however, and he turned to see Azami running off in the opposite direction. “Azami?” He asked in confusion. “How terribly rude of her to run off on you like that.” Marlene remarked, “But I will be glad to keep you company.” “Thanks Marlene, but I’d better see if she’s okay.” Derek returned, prying himself away from the girl and running after Azami.

Marlene narrowed her eyes as she watched him go, ‘You shall not defeat me in this matter of love, Odette.’

Azami’s vision was blurred with tears as she ran. ‘She asked him out a date, and he accepted! Jessamina was right, I should’ve told him how I feel!’

Lily and Eric were still chatting at the café when Azami rushed passed. “Azami?” Eric asked in confusion. “She looked upset.” Lily remarked, “We’d better see what’s up.” Eric nodded in agreement and the two teens stood up. No sooner than they had however, a high pitched noise rang out. “Aah! What the?!” Lily cried, covering her ears. “Get down!” Eric yelled, pushing Lily to the ground as the café’s window shattered. Lily blushed as she realized that their faces were very close together, but Eric didn’t seem to take notice. “It’s got to be that psychotic ballerina again!” He stated as he helped Lily to her feet, “Come on, we’ve got to get out of here!” he insisted, pulling Lily out the door and into the crowd of people who were already fleeing. As they ran though, Lily’s hand slipped from Eric’s grasp. “Lily!” he cried. “Eric!” she returned as she was swallowed up by the crowd. Of course, it was only a ploy on Lily’s behalf to slip away and transform. She pushed out of the crowd and made it to a nearby alleyway.

“Princess Clara! Prima Power Transformation!”

Meanwhile, Azami had also noticed the mayhem that was taking place. She had stopped her running and was looking around for the source of the carnage. “Aw, what’s the matter Odette?” a familiar voice asked, “Did you get scorned by your prince?” “Odile!” Azami cried as she noticed the Black Swan approaching with Felicia and Wes. Odile shook her finger at the Japanese girl, “You should know Odette that you can never win in matters of love. It is your fate to be alone.” “Says who?” Azami demanded. “Says the story.” Odile replied, “Don’t you remember? Odile gets the Siegfried to confess to her instead, leaving Odette to face life as a swan forever.” “Well this isn’t that story!” Azami replied while pulling out her tiara.

“Princess Odette! Prima Power Transformation!”

“This is not the ballet, Odile!” Odette told her rival, “You will not win!” “And who’s going to stop us?” Odile asked. “We will!” Clara declared as she joined Odette, “This is one story where the bad guys always lose!” “We’ll see about that.” Odile replied, “You two take Odette, I will handle Clara.” She told Felicia and Wes. The two anthroes nodded and charged at the swan princess. Meanwhile, Odile began playing tunes from the Nutcracker on her flute, causing Clara to dance uncontrollably.

Odette was quickly overwhelmed by Wes and Felicia’s attacks, and Clara couldn’t attack Odile. Suddenly the two Primas crashed into each other. “Ha! Got them now.” Wes said as he launched his chain at the two girls. Odette and Clara closed their eyes to brace for the attack…


Both dancers opened their eyes in surprise to see that Prince had deflected the attack with his sword. “Prince!” Clara cried in surprise. Suddenly Odile’s flute was knocked out her hands by an arrow. “No!” She yelled, running to retrieve her instrument. Odette and Clara looked behind them to see that the Duke was there as well. “Duke…” Odette said softly. The two boys quickly helped them to their feet. “Let’s finish this.” The Prince told them. Odette and Clara both nodded.

“Swan Lake Senshu!” “Nutcracker Wand!” Odette and Clara both yelled, causing their weapons to appear in their hands. Odette faced Felicia and Wes, “Swan Lake Cyclone!” She declared, sending gale force wind in their direction. The pair was sent flying and ended up crashing into Odile. “Get off!” She yelled in annoyance. “It’s time to put you on ice!” Clara declared, “Nutcracker Freeze!”

A short while later, Lily stood in town square, wondering where Eric had gone. “Lily!” a voice yelled. “Eric!” she said, turning to see him running toward him. The boy suddenly embraced her, “Don’t scare me like that!” Lily was too stunned to reply. Eric pulled back and looked her in the eye, “Why are you always falling behind when these things happen?” “I’m just… not a very good runner.” She replied. She hated not telling him the truth, but how could she? Eric sighed, “Come on, let’s find Derek and Azami.”

Meanwhile, Azami was sitting on a park bench, thinking about what Odile had said. Was it true that she was star-crossed in matters of love? She had denied it at the time, but… she was Odette. Her thoughts on this matter were interrupted by someone holding out a cup of hot chocolate to her. “Huh?” she looked up, “Derek-san!” The red-haired boy was standing in front of her, smiling kindly. “I finally found you.” He said, “I got worried when trouble broke out and I didn’t know where you were.” Azami took the cup in her hands and looked down again. “I’m sorry I worried you. I just… needed some time to myself.” Derek nodded and sat next to her. “Why were you so upset when Marlene showed up?” he asked. “…Suki desu…” she whispered. “Huh?” he said in confusion. Azami shook her head, realizing it wasn’t going to do any good to express her feelings in Japanese. She looked up at him, “I like you Derek-san, and when you agreed to go out with Marlene, I felt… troubled.” Derek looked at her in confusion, “I didn’t agree to go out with her. Just to get some hot chocolate.” He stated. “Lily-san says they have a saying in America, ‘It’s a date, whether or not the boy knows it.’” She told him. Derek considered this, “…You wanna go skating next week?” he asked her. Azami stared at him in surprise for a moment, before smiling, “Hai!”

Lily and Eric watched from a distance as the two of them continued talking and laughing. “Looks like your plan worked.” Eric remarked. “Yeah…” Lily replied, still troubled by what happened a few minutes before. Eric glanced over at her and noticed she was shivering, so he gently wrapped his arms around her. “E-Eric?” Lily stammered, looking up at him in confusion while blushing. “I love you.” He said softly. Lily blushed more, then closed her eyes and leaned into his warmth.
Prima Power, Volume 2, Chapter 7
Amy: I really like this chapter. It was a lot fun to write. I don't have much experience writing romance, but I think this turned out very cute.

Prima Power and all of it's characters belong to me.
Savannah's Sonic Boom Design by chaosisters147
Savannah's Sonic Boom Design
Amy: Okay, I'm now working on the Sonic Boom designs for Team Chao, and I started with Savannah. Savannah's the one who has the most changes. She has a completely new outfit and her quills are thinner and there's more of them. The reason I gave her a whole new outfit is that Blaze and I felt her Sonic Chronicles outfit wasn't sporty enough. It had more of a spy or female ninja look to it than an athletic adventurer look. I did keep her sandals pretty much the same and keep her computer bracelets though.

In Sonic Boom, as in Sonic Chronicles, Savannah is Shadow's sister.

Savannah belongs to me.
Way up in the Arctic Circle, on the northern coast of Alaska, lies a town called Barrow. A few miles outside of Barrow resides a private orphanage. This orphanage prides itself on being a “cultural immersion” orphanage in which the children learn, of all things, Japanese for a second language. Of course, the people of Barrow and any remotely nearby towns send their children there if they die because it’s the only orphanage within 500 miles. And since there’s a whole lot of nothing out in Northern Alaska, the orphanage is a bit… crowded, with five children each sharing a small dorm room.

Late one night in October, one of the occupants of one of these rooms stood outside, watching the Aurora Borealis. Her name was Aurora, and anyone could tell just by looking at her that she was named for her colorful appearance. Her hair was blue with pink streaks and her eyes were a vibrant purple. Anyone who passed by would’ve instantly noticed that there was something strange about this girl, because she was standing outside without a coat or any other kind of winter garment to keep her warm.

And someone did notice.

As Aurora gazed up at the sky, she glanced down briefly at her hands as a small wisp of light similar to the Aurora appeared, then faded. “What are you doing?” A voice asked. Aurora quickly turned around to see a boy with brown hair and green eyes standing behind her, along with a polar bear cub. “Wh-who are you?” “My name is Jared.” “I’m Aurora.” She replied with a nod. “So what are you doing out here?” Jared asked again. “Oh, I was watching the Aurora Borealis.” “But you don’t have a coat on, aren’t you cold?” “No, I don’t get cold.” Aurora replied before gasping suddenly, “I’m not supposed to tell people that!” “Why not?” The boy asked in confusion. “Because if people found out I don’t get cold in weather like this, they’ll think I’m a freak and nobody will want to adopt me. That’s what the headmaster says anyway. Not that it matters. I’ll never get adopted anyway.” “Why not?” Jared asked again. “Because I never get to the go to the adoption fair. I always get in trouble right before, and so the headmaster forbids my attendance.” “You don’t seem like a troublemaker.” Aurora shook her head, “I try really hard to be good, but something always goes wrong.” “It still doesn’t seem fair to keep you from the adoption fair.” “Lots of things at the orphanage aren’t fair. Speaking of which, I’d better go back inside before I get caught.” “Okay.” “Bye!” Aurora called as she hurried inside.

The young girl slipped into the orphanage and began to sneak quietly through the halls toward her room. “And just what are you doing up at this hour?” A voice behind her said. Aurora gasped and turned around, “Headmaster Brukkenger!” “Were you outside?!” The man demanded. “I…” Without letting her finish, the headmaster grabbed Aurora’s arm and dragged her back to her dorm room. Upon reaching the room, he flipped on the light, intentionally waking the other occupants. “Ugh! What the?!” One of the other girls cried as she sat up, slipping on her glasses. “All right girls, Aurora snuck out, so now you’re all going to get up and switch beds.” “Why do we all have to get up just because she did?” The girl with glasses complained. “You know why. I’ve told you before. You all share a room, so you’re accountable for each other. What one of you does, you all do. Now get to it. And if any of you commits any kind of infraction tomorrow, none of you will be going to the adoption fair in the afternoon.”

On that note, the headmaster left while the other girls got up. “Way to go Aurora.” The girl with glasses remarked as she got up to change beds. “I’m sorry Usagi.” Aurora apologized meekly. “What were you doing out there anyway?” A girl with short blue hair asked as she switched to the bed opposite of hers. “I wanted to watch the Aurora, Celia.” The younger girl explained. “Aurora, you know how dangerous that is.” A girl with long purple hair remarked as she climbed into the bed next to her old one. “I know Crystal. I’m sorry. But it felt like it was calling me.” The other girls sighed. It wasn’t the first time Aurora had snuck outside at night, nor the first time she had said that. It was probably the reason she got in trouble the most.

Usagi and a girl with strawberry blonde hair nodded to each other in an unspoken agreement. “Here Aurora, you can have the window seat.” The blonde girl said, “That way you can watch the Aurora.” “Thanks Vixie.” The younger girl replied, “You don’t mind Usagi?” “Nah, unlike you, I want to sleep. The Aurora will just keep me up if I sleep there.” Aurora nodded and climbed into the window seat.

Each room at the orphanage had a large window with a window seat, to accommodate the lack of space for five beds. This was usually the least liked sleeping spot among the orphans due to the chill that crept through the window, but as all the girls in this room were apparently immune to the cold, none of them. Content with her new spot, Aurora watched the sky until she drifted off to sleep.

The next day, the girls stood near the edge of the orphanage’s fenced in yard, awaiting the adoption fair. “I’m nervous.” Aurora whimpered, “What if we all get separated?” “Well, statistically speaking, the odds that somebody would want to adopt five girls who aren’t related are pretty slim.” Usagi replied. “You’re not helping Usagi.” Crystal scolded. “It’ll be okay Aurora,” Vixie encouraged, “Even if we get separated, having families will be better than being here.” “But what if you all get adopted and I don’t?” Aurora asked nervously. “You don’t have to be adopted you know.” A voice said behind them. The girls turned and saw the boy Aurora had met the night before. “Jared!” The youngest said in surprise. “What do you mean by that?” Celia asked suspiciously. “What if you guys could find your real parents?” “If our real parents wanted us, they wouldn’t have abandoned us.” Crystal replied. “You don’t know that they really did.” “What do you mean?” Vixie asked. “Did you guys ever consider that you might not be from this world?” “Considering we can withstand the temperatures of the arctic and have other weird powers, yeah, we’ve thought about it.” Usagi remarked. “Well what if you could go back to where you were born? A place where nobody will be scared by your powers.” “I think we’re better off staying here than chasing empty dreams.” Celia told the boy with a look that warned him to drop the matter. “All right, but if you girls change your mind, you can find me in a cave on the mountain.” Jared replied before walking off.

Celia turned back to Aurora, “I think you’d better focus on what might happen if you do get adopted Aurora.” She told the younger girl, “You know what happens when you get too excited.” “Celia’s right.” Crystal agreed, “You gotta keep things under control today Aurora. You know what the headmaster always says.” “Conceal it, don’t feel it, don’t let it show.” They all recited together.

“What did he do, help write the script of Frozen?” Celia remarked sarcastically. “I know, freaky right?” Usagi agreed. “No wonder we all like that movie.” Crystal agreed.

Meanwhile, Jared was now standing at the edge of the wood with the polar bear cub that had been with him the night before. “Shouldn’t you have tried harder to convince them?” The cub asked in English of all things. “No need. They’ll come. They can’t stay there forever.”

An hour later, the headmaster was holding a meeting with the other administrators of the orphanage. “I haven’t seen any of those girls do anything wrong today.” The head of the preteen girls’ dormitory said, “Should we bribe one of their classmates again?” “No,” the headmaster replied, “Let them attend the adoption fair.” “What?” one of the others asked in disbelief, “After keeping them back all these years?” “Their powers are getting stronger. Sooner or later, they’re going to want to find out where they came from. But if they find families, they’ll be content to stay hidden.” His staff nodded in understanding.

That day, the five girls attended the adoption fair for the first time. Aurora could hardly contain her excitement as she talked with a young couple. “Would you like to come home with us, Aurora?” the woman asked. “Really?!” Aurora cried. That was it. She couldn’t take it. The other four girls noticed that she was beginning to glow. “Aurora, don’t!” Crystal cried, but it was too late. “Yatta!” Aurora cried, throwing her hands in the air and creating a small, but brilliant aurora above her head.

Aurora realized too late what she had done. Everyone in the room was staring at her in utter shock, save for her roommates, who were well aware of her abilities. Aurora trembled, before rushing for the door. “Aurora! Wait!” Crystal called as she and the others followed, but a staff member blocked the child’s path, “Where do you think you’re going?” He asked. Celia felt there was no longer any reason to hide. She knew they could never abandon Aurora. Their only choice was to leave. “Get out of our way!” She yelled, throwing a small, icy blast at him. The blast wasn’t enough to really hurt him, but it stunned him long enough for the five girls to make a break for it.

“After them!” Someone yelled as the staff pursued them down the hall. As they passed a doorway, Vixie shut it, and then used her telekinesis to lock it. Knowing that wouldn’t slow them down for long, Usagi grabbed Celia and Crystal’s hands, who in turn, grabbed Aurora and Vixie’s hands, and sprinted outside. It wasn’t something she could do long, but once they were outside, they continued running, though the staff was quick to make it outside.

“What’ll we do?!” Aurora cried. “If only I could make my force fields bigger!” Crystal cried, “They wouldn’t be able to find us.” Suddenly, in Crystal’s mind, it felt like time had frozen, as she heard a voice speaking to her, “You have more power than you realize. Don’t be afraid to hold back anymore!” ”What is this feeling? She wondered, ”It’s like, my heart is calling out!” “The power to protect, crystallize in my heart!” Crystal called. Suddenly the girl was surrounded in a bright light as her body changed. She grew taller and more mature. Her skirt became longer, her sleeves puffy, and her entire uniform gained a frilly, purple trim. The stripe on her collar became yellow, as did the ones on her socks, and a stripe formed on her skirt too. Her necktie broadened and a moon emblem formed on her necktie, shoes, and hairbands.

“Whoa! Crystal!” Usagi cried. “What the??” Celia asked in astonishment. “I don’t know, but I’m going with it.” Crystal replied, suddenly feeling much more powerful. She looked at her hands and once again summoned her desire to protect the others, “Crystal Shield!” A shield enveloped all four girls. To them, it looked like they were in a big, purple bubble, but to the staff members, it looked like they had vanished.

“Where’d they go?!” A woman cried. “Crystal’s discovered her true potential.” The headmaster stated, “She used a force field to cloak them.” “Then they’re still there! We can still catch them.” A man said. “No, chasing them is pointless if we can’t see them.” The headmaster told him, “They could turn and we wouldn’t know it. We’d be more likely to get lost.” “You mean those girls are on the loose?!” A man cried from among the couples that had come to the adoption fair. “Don’t worry, we’ll find them before they can hurt anybody.” The headmaster assured them. “But they could freeze to death.” A woman worried. “Don’t worry about that. With their powers, those girls are immune to the cold. They’ll be fine until we find them.”
Arctic Aura, Volume 1, Chapter 1
Amy: FINALLY got the first chapter up! Okay, so as a note, the girls favorite movie is Frozen, so this story does contain a lot of references to that. But it's not, by any means, based off Frozen. The plot line is way different, though it will be explained in more detail in Chapter 2.

Arctic Aura and all of its characters belong to me.
Frozen belongs to Disney
*Cough! Cough!*

“Are you all right Rita-senpai?” Azami asked as Rita coughed for the fifth time since getting on the bus for practice. “Yes.” Rita replied with a sniffle, “I think it’s just a cold.” “Are you sure you feel up to practicing today?” Lily asked, “Maybe you should take a day off.” “No.” Rita replied, “I never miss practice.”

A little bit later that day, Lily watched with concern as Rita rehearsed her solo. “Her movements are shaky…” She said so quietly that only Eric, who was standing right next to her, could hear. Indeed, Rita was refusing to acknowledge the fact that she was dizzy, but as she launched into a pirouette, her vision began to sway…

Seeing the normally graceful girl wobble unsteadily, Evan, Eric, and Derek all rushed forward and managed to catch Rita as she fell over, preventing her from hitting the ground. The other students all murmured quietly as they rushed over to see if she was okay. Rita was conscious, but seemed a little dazed. Miss Applewood pushed through the crowd to reach the dancer, “Rita, are you okay dear?” “I’m fine.” The teenager insisted, attempting to stand back up. The headmistress gently pushed the girl back down and placed a hand on her forehead, “No, you are not. You’re burning up.” “I’ll be all right.” The brunette told her, but Miss Applewood wasn’t buying it, “If you weren’t feeling well, you should’ve said something. You could’ve injured yourself very badly by trying to practice while you’re ill.” “But—“ “No buts. You’re going to see a doctor right away and you are not stepping back on this stage until you are well again.” Rita sighed in defeat and allowed a couple of teachers to help her off stage.

Later that night, Lily, Azami, and Jessamina went to the school’s infirmary to check on Rita, but the nurse wouldn’t let them in. “I’m sorry girls,” she apologized, “But Rita has the flu and shouldn’t be seen by anyone until she is no longer contagious. We don’t want any of our other dancers getting sick.” “Is she all right?” Jessamina asked. “Yes, she’ll be fine. She’s resting now and the doctor has given her some medicine. Come back tomorrow. Once she’s been on the medication for 24 hours, she shouldn’t be contagious.” “Okay.” Lily said reluctantly as the three of them left.

The next day, the three girls came to see Rita and found her in bed, glaring out the window. “Rita-senpai?” Azami asked timidly, “Are you okay?” Jessamina asked. “No, I’m not.” Rita said bitterly, “I should be practicing, not wasting time here in the infirmary.” “There’s nothing wrong with it Rita.” Lily said, “It’s not like you’re goofing off. You got sick. It could happen to anyone.” “You don’t get it.” Rita remarked. “Well maybe we would if you would explain.” Lily replied.

The older girl hesitated, but then began;

“I began taking ballet when I was five. It was a common past time for a girl my age, but it quickly became my passion. However, my father is a prominent businessman. It’s his desire that my brother and I join the family business or create a business of our own. Ballet is a frivolous pursuit in his mind.”

“Rita.” “Yes Papa?” “You’re ten-years-old now, a young lady. It is time for you stop ballet and spend time studying more useful things, like financial management, so you can run a business.” “But I don’t wanna run a business Papa, I wanna be a ballerina!” “Enough. You’re not a little girl anymore.” “Papa.” Her mother interrupted, “Would it not be all right if she studied both?” Rita’s father considered this for a moment, “Very well. Rita, if you do everything I ask of you and do it well, I’ll give you an allowance. You can use some of the money to pay for your dance classes. If you can’t manage the money well enough for that, it will be your own fault.” “Deal!”

Take a look around
Take a walk downtown
Wondering if what you have been telling me is true?
That I’ve been living large
Should accept that it’s too hard
“Forget about your dreams girl.”
No! You wait a minute!
Cause I’ve opened my eyes!

I did everything her parents asked of me. I helped customers, I ran errands, I took inventory. Any money I earned was carefully budgeted to ensure I could pay for my lessons. My family may have been wealthy, but I was far from spoiled.

I’m making my way you see
Throwing out the disbelief
Jumping in and giving it everything.
There’s nothing left to prove
To anybody else but me
So go right ahead and call me crazy
Cause I’m making my way.
You bet I am.
Making my way.

Even though I excelled in both my business studies and ballet, my father still didn’t approve. He never wanted to attend my recitals. He felt the performances were a waste of his time and mine.

“Why won’t he come see the result of my hard work?” Rita asked her mother. “I don’t think he understands how much you’ve accomplished. I’m sure he would if he saw you dance though.”

I continued dancing. When I was almost 12, I learned that my school was participating in a showcase that would provide an opportunity to study at a prestigious ballet school. The opportunity excited me, but my father was not pleased.

“How will you study business if you’re at a boarding school?!” He demanded. “Papa, please! If you would just come to the showcase and watch me dance, you would understand why I want to go!” “It’s out of the question.”

The night of the showcase, my father arrived home. My mother, brother, and I had already left, but he found a letter for him on the table.


I know being a dancer wasn’t what you planned for me, but please listen. I love ballet as much as you love business. And I take it very seriously, just like you taught me to take everything seriously. I want to have the chance to follow my own dreams, but I want to please you as well. I think I know a way to do both.

If I study hard and become a really good dancer, when I’m older, I can open my own dance school. Then I’ll be running my own business, just like you wanted. I’ll be able to put everything you taught me to work.

Please give me the chance to fulfill both our dreams for me.


At the theater, I stepped out onto the stage, ready to display my talent. Then I noticed in the crowd with my mother and brother was my father. He had come to see me! And now there was no way I would disappoint him.

As she danced, her father was astounded by what he had been missing this whole time. How could he have never noticed the beautiful, graceful girl his daughter was becoming?

Does it freak you out?
I am fierce and proud
Doing it with style, baby
Who’s the fool now?
I’ve finally shifted through
The useless attitudes
Ain’t nobody pushing
Me around now.
I know who I am.

I was invited to many schools, and my parents and I carefully reviewed them.

“This one.” Her father declared while putting down a brochure for boarding school in the English countryside. “Cherry Hollows? I like that one too, but why do you think it’s the best?” Rita asked. “It’s an international school. Attending there will give you opportunities to learn about how to handle international relations.” “Oh Papa!” Rita laughed. “Rita.” Her father began, “I will pay for you to go to this school, as long as you do the business studies work I send you. You’ll need it when you retire from dancing.” “It’s a deal Papa.”

I’m making my way you see.
Throwing out the disbelief
Jumping in and giving it everything
There’s nothing left to prove
To anybody else but me
So go right ahead and call me crazy
Cause I’m making my way
You bet I am
Making my way.

“Don’t you see?” Rita told them, “After what I went through to convince him to let me study here, if my papa finds out I’m not practicing, he’ll make me come home.” “But you said he taught you to take everything seriously,” Lily reminded her, “shouldn’t that include your health? What if you practiced while you were sick and made yourself worse? What if you got so sick you couldn’t dance for months? Or what if you injured yourself and could never dance again?” “I hadn’t thought of that.” Rita admitted, “I’ve just been so worried about not meeting Papa’s expectations.” “Daijoubu, Rita-senpai.” Azami said. “Just focus on getting better and you’ll be back onstage in no time.” Rita nodded in agreement.

Life is a maze sometimes
But at least…
This life is mine…
It’s mine…

By the next week, Rita had regained her strength and was back at rehearsals, dancing as beautifully as ever. “Just wait Papa, I’ll show you how hard I’ve been working!”

I’m making my way you see
Throwing out the disbelief
Jumping in and giving it everything
There’s nothing left to prove
To anybody else but me
So go right ahead and call me crazy

“Brava Rita!”

I’m making my way you see
Throwing out the disbelief
Jumping in and giving it everything
There’s nothing left to prove
To anybody else but me
So go right ahead and call me crazy
I’m making my way
Throwing out the disbelief
Jumping in, jumping in…
And I’m giving it everything
There’s nothing left to prove, to anybody else but me
Making my way…
Prima Power, Volume 2, Chapter 6
Amy: Finally got around to writing the next chapter. Okay, so each girl is going to have her own chapter in this volume, and this is Rita's. I had trouble writing the end of her prologue, so I just combined it with this chapter. Also, if anyone is wondering where Poppy is, she's not in this chapter because the primary elementary students are not taking part in the Nutcracker, so they're not at the rehearsals, and she's not allowed in the infirmary because she's so young.

Prima Power and all of it's characters belong to me.

The song is Making My Way by Leslie Mills and belongs to Universal Studios
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My parents like to pull stuff on me

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Blaze: For the longest time, it has been my job to take care of our chickens. That meant feeding, collecting eggs, checking their water and making sure none escaped. Trust me, that last one has happened. Today was different. I went to the garage to get some chicken feed and I noticed the bag that was sitting in front of the bin we usually keep it in was gone. And the bin was empty. So I figured I'd look for it later. My parents were in the living room and I was in my crocs and coat about to go outside and they asked where I was going. I said I was going to check on the chickens and I went out. The pen we kept them in has this sort of cart thing with a piece of wood on top so they wouldn't get rained on. That board was leaning against it and the pen was uninhabited. I walk back to the door, Dad was standing there with this dopey grin, and the first thing I said when he opened the door was "You didn't tell me they were gone!" They went to one of my dad's coworkers who lived about half a mile away and had a bunch of chickens. I'm not mad that they're gone, I'm a bit miffed that my parents didn't say anything. They're so weird sometimes. XP

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Amy: Hi! We're the Chao Sisters, Amy, Blaze, and Tikal! We love chao and anything Sonic, so most of the stuff on this account has something to do with Sonic. I'm Amy (that's actually my nickname because my fave character is Amy Rose), and I'm the main author for our main series, "Sonic's World, 20 Years From Now," a series that is mainly about the Sonic and the others children, and their own adventures. However, even though I write it, I do get a lot of feedback from Blaze and Tikal, and they are both responsible for creating and/or designing several of the characters. 20YFN will be an ongoing series that will continue as long as we don't run out of ideas (which probably won't happen since we pull a lot of inspiration from the games). Blaze is also doing her own series called "Sonic Drama Island" which will have an eventual end. Tikal has her own account called :icontikalember: so you can also check out her stuff. Oh, and all three of us love to draw, and a lot of our drawings are used in our different series. Most of the time I'll be the one uploading them, regardless of who drew them, but occasionally Blaze will do her own uploading. Also, I upload the scripts for all of our series because they are all typed up on my computer. Blaze does write her own scripts, but always in a notebook, so they are always transcripted onto my computer and then uploaded by me, although this might change since Blaze recently got her own computer. By the way, all of our stories are based solely on information and events in the games and have no relation to the Archie Comics or any of the Sonic cartoon shows. The closest thing is that Cosmo the Seedrian appears in Blaze's series "Sonic Drama Island" but in that series, we have her as never having met Sonic and the others before.

Also, we have a rule about posting comments on our deviations, and our profile. Well, really two rules. The first is no flaming; ever. As it says in our signature, if you don't like something of ours, that is your opinion and you're entitled to it. We'll respect that, but in return you need to respect us by keeping the rude and/or nasty comments to yourself. The second is no swear words. I have a strong dislike for swear words, so if anyone, ANYONE, posts a comment on our profile, or on one of our drawings or stories using a swear word, it will be hidden from view, even if the person is our friend, and even if they were praising our work. Now, that may not necessarily be true if the swearing is in their signature, because I usually read comments in our messages, and signatures aren't shown there. However, if I see a comment that has a swear word in the signature, I will hide it too, because I do not want to see that. If you break either of these two rules, you're comment will be hidden from view, and if you flamed our work, you're probably gonna receive a reply from me telling you off and giving you the whole spill about respect and keeping it to yourself. So please people, be respectful, of us, and of others. Oh, and also, I don't want to be a hypocrite, so let me say this: I know a lot of people are not major haters of swearing the way I am, and see nothing wrong with putting it in their signature. Now, I don't want to be disrespectful to you or anything by hiding the comment because of the signature, however, I do not want to see the word myself, I also don't want younger children who might look at the deviation to see it. We keep all of our stuff rated G, PG at most (and that would only be because of violence). I know somebody whose children are only allowed to read/watch our stuff because she knows how adamant I am about keeping it clean. So yes, younger children may see this stuff, and I don't want them to see such language, even if it is in somebody's signature. Forgive this little rant, but we have had a couple of problems with this.

Also, we do both requests and commissions. Requests are only available to our Watchers however.

For everyone else, the prices are 20 points for a single character picture, and plus 10 points for each additional character. (p = 20 +10a). It's really just a question of whether you prefer to watch us or pay us.

1.: It must not go against our principles (if it does, we will tell you)

2.: You must be polite in asking about it (be adults people, ask nicely).

3.: You must be willing to wait (Don't give us deadlines. We have a lot of our own projects going and we can't necessarily drop everything to handle a request. We have stuff outside of our Deviant account as well. So you have to be patient, and not constantly bother us about it. If you pester us, we may drop the request, or refuse to do further ones for you. It is okay to remind us about once in a great while, just to make sure we don't forget, but not on a regular basis.)

4. We will not do pictures of your OCs unless you are listed under our close friends.

If you comply with these rules, we'll be happy to do a request for you (or at least attempt to). Also, the reason that I didn't list all the principles that a request must not compromise is that I'm not sure if I can remember them all off the top of my head. But if you request something that would be against our morals, we'll let you know.
HOWEVER, I must point out that our requests are kinda closed to the public right now because I don't have the time for them. They might be reopened during the summer, AFTER I get my room cleaned up and hopefully catch up on all of my unfinished projects. We might take a request from one of the people listed to be our close friend, but nobody else.

Our DA friends:

Amy: By my definition, a friend on DA is somebody on your WATCH list that is also on your list of WATCHERS. That being said, our DA friends are as follows:














Anyway, hopefully Blaze will add her own spill onto this soon.

Current Residence: Angel Island, Mobius
Favourite genre of music: Amy: Rock and Hip-Hop, Blaze: Country, Tikal: Country
Favourite style of art: Um, anime?
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Wallpaper of choice: Amy: Sonamy, Blaze: ?, Tikal: Flower
Skin of choice: We like the skin we have thank you.
Favourite cartoon character: Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat, and Tikal the Echidna
Personal Quote: Forgiveness is given, but trust must be earned.


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