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Amy: This is my first critique, so sorry if it's not very helpful. The panel layout and the use of tones is excellent. Michiru's arms l...

Progress Report on Various Stories/Projects

Amy's Stories and Projects:

Sonic’s World: 20 Years From Now Pre-Series
Posted: 43% of script, 87% of pictures
Remainder script: 85% done, corrections still need to be made
Remaining Pictures: 0% done, probably will be worked on after corresponding issues have been posted
Total Progress on Pre-Series: 54%

Sonic’s World: 20 Years From Now
Current Saga:
Posted: 20% of script (Estimated 3 issues out of 15), 100% of pictures
Remainder of Script: 90% done, needs to be proofread and cut down some
Remaining Pictures: N/A
Total Progress on Saga: 70%

New pictures of the Adventurers
Posted: 33%
Current Picture: 80% complete (need to do shading)
Remaining pictures: 0% complete
Total Progress: 38%

Shadow and Christi
Current chapter: 0%

Christi and NiGHTS:
Current Chapter 0%

Emerald Adventures
Next page: 10% complete? I've started a basic sketch on a piece of paper. I've decided to do my preliminary sketches on paper, and then refine the drawings in Manga Studio. I am still considering finishing and posting the script for the first issue, because it will take forever for the story to go anywhere doing it in comic form. Therefore, the comic may become something of a side project for when I'm bored and have time to kill.

Prima Power
Next Chapter: 0% complete
Next Picture: N/A
Remaining pictures: N/A

Royal Jewels
Next Chapter: 0% complete
Next picture: 10% I need to work on my concept art for some other characters, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. ^^;

Divine Destiny
First Chapter: 25% complete. I keep getting stuck, plus, I usually only write it on Fridays and Saturdays, and I tend to spend most of Saturday sleeping. ^^;
Next Picture: N/A

Sonic Drama: Chat Time
Script: 0% Currently, I am unable to work on this series as we have only received one question since the last episode
Character drawings: N/A
Character setup: N/A
Voices: N/A
Animation: N/A
Video editing: N/A

Blaze's Stories and Projects:

Tokyo Element
Next chapter: 0% complete (need to decide which girl to bring in next)
Concept art:
girls: 100% (may wait till later to post :?)
bots: 100% (all on one pic so that'll have to wait)
demons: 0% (having creative difficulties with the earth demon)
Raion and Tora: 100%
villain: 0%

Modern Dragon Riders ~~
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: Not sure ^_^' (still working on how to draw dragons)

Crepuscular Peak
Next Chapter:0%
Concept art: nearly done (still got a couple designs to figure out)

Neo Nightopia
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: 100% (almost all characters in this story are not mine ^_^')

Hollow Fields: New Experiences
First chapter: 35%
Concept art: 0% (almost all characters in this story are not mine ^_^')

Half-Blood Dragon
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: 10% (really need to work on that)

The Craftsman Project
First chapter: 50%
Concept art: <5%

Beta Team
Next chapter: 12%
Concept art: 10%?

No Longer Wonderland*
First chapter: 0%
Concept art: nearly done (still got a couple creatures to design)

*Title subject to change

Amy and Blaze's Joint Projects:

Sonic Drama Island ~~
Next Episode: 25% written
Pictures: N/A

Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Story
First Chapter: 0% completed (we really need to start working on that)

~~ in hiatus


Two characters with complex background
If you want more than two characters, add an additional ten points per character to the price. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Two characters with simple background
If you want more than two characters, add an additional ten points per character to the price. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Two characters with no background
If you want more than two characters, add an additional ten points per character to the price. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Single character with complex background.
A picture with a background which requires extra drawing. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Single Character with simple background
A simple background is one that can be done using the tools of whatever program is used and doesn't require extra drawing. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Single Character without Background
A drawing of one character with a transparent or solid colored background. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.


All of these results are the ones Amy got.

What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
Hosted By Anime

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
Hosted By Anime

What Sonic-X Character Are You?
What Sonic-X Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Amy: Um... they do know Amy is a hedgehog, right?

Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?
Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?
Hosted By Anime

What Power Puff Girl Z Are You?
What Power Puff Girl Z Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Amy: Seriously? Why is it I almost always get results that mean "leader"? I am so not a leader.

How Mature Do You Think?
How Mature Do You Think?
Hosted By Anime

Amy: I find this result a little odd since most people say I am emotionally immature. I would've thought I'd have gotten like, preteen, teenager at best. But maybe this is talking about your ability to rationalize and things of that nature, rather than how appropriate your interests are in comparison to your age. ^^;

What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
Hosted By Anime

What Type Of Gamer Are You?
What Type Of Gamer Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Amy: I find this one funny since I don't play any hardcore games at all. ^^; The highest maturity rating I've ever even played is Teen, but I usually don't go above E10. Then again, I do own almost all the current systems (I have no interest in a PS3, and I doubt I'll buy a PS4 or XBOX One).

What Genre Of Manga Are You?
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Is Your Anime Hair Colour?
What Is Your Anime Hair Colour?
Hosted By Anime

This one, evidently, was for fantasy hair colors. ^^; At least I got the hair color I like best.

What's Your Personality Quirk?
What's Your Personality Quirk?
Hosted By Anime

...This picture has Luffy's scar on the wrong side....

What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
Hosted By Anime

What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?
What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Element Of Harmony Are You?
What Element Of Harmony Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?
What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?
Hosted By Anime


20YFN Reboot: Eggman Jr's Agent
Amy: Here is the mysterious agent of Eggman Jr. from the most recent episode. Those of you who read the original 20YFN are probably already familiar with this hedgehog's true identity.
Did you like it better when the sagas and episodes of 20YFN had titles such as Midnight's Dawn?
3 deviants said Yes
No deviants said No.

Freedom Village: 20:15…


*Sonic and the others are gathered at center of the village, where Shadow is standing with Crystalina*


Shadow: Everyone, this is Crystalina Robotnik, the Dr.’s granddaughter. She’s going to be joining us in Freedom Village and joining our cause.


Crystalina: *nervous and shy* K-Konnichiwa…


Sonic: Hey Lina. Nice to meet you. *gives a thumbs up*


Crystalina: Th-thank you…


Miley: Hey, I know you! You gave me a Chaos Emerald when I was in Grand Metropolis.


Crystalina: *smiles a little* Yes, that’s true…


Tails: Really? Why did you have a Chaos Emerald anyway?


Crystalina: My father gave it to me to use in my studies. But when he began conquering cities, I feared he’d ask for it back to strengthen his army. When I saw Miley-san, I knew from history class that she must be related to you, so I gave it to her.


Sam: Well thanks for that.


Ashlyn: Because of your help, we were able to rescue our parents.


Crystalina: *smiles brightly* I’m so glad.


Savannah: Shadow already told us what happened. Don’t you worry about a thing Lina-chan. You’ll fit right in here.


Crystalina: *nods* I’m sorry, but you are…?


Savannah: *chuckles* I guess I haven’t made quite the name for myself that Oniichan has. I’m Savannah the Hedgehog, the second ultimate lifeform, and Shadow’s younger sister.


Crystalina: Oh! Yes, I’ve heard of you. I’ve just never seen a picture before. Hajimemashite, Obasan. (Nice to meet you, Auntie)


Savannah: *Smiles* Kochira koso, Lina-chan. (Same here, Lina dear.)



Shadow and Savannah’s House: 21:00…


Crystalina: *folding some clothes* Obasan?


Savannah: Doushita no, Lina-chan? (What is it?)


Crystalina: Why do you and Ojisan live together?


Savannah: *Smirks* You want to know the truth? Because Shadow can’t cook. He has an IQ of 200 and can take entire armies, but he can’t fend for himself outside the battlefield.


Shadow: I heard that.


Savannah: Good!


Crystalina: I heard that you were also Knuckles’ family?


Savannah: In a way. I grew up with Knuckles’ twin sister Heather. She has her own house on the island now. She’s independent like that. Personally, I can’t stand to be alone for too long. I have another sister named Miranda, but she spends her time going back and forth between here and her home world these days.


Crystalina: Your sister is from another world?


Savannah: Yeah, she was actually a princess before she was kidnapped and sent to this one. Didn’t find out until she was 18 though, so when the time came, she passed her right to rule over to her younger sister, who had grown up there.


Crystalina: Oh I see.


Savannah: At any rate, it’s getting late. You should get some rest.


Crystalina: Hai.



Metropolis: 00:15…


Eggman Jr.: Understand? Go to the GUN base and unleash your full power on them. Find the Chaos Emerald and destroy the base. Then return here for further instructions.


???: Yes Doctor.



Emerald Village: 06:30…


*GUN choppers hover directly over the village in preparation to land*


Knuckles: What in the name of…?!


Shadow: *rushes outside, followed by Savannah and walks over to the commanding officer as he and other soldiers jump out* What is going on here? Whatever happened to communicators?


Officer: As if you don’t know.


Shadow: What is that supposed to mean?!


Savannah: *places a hand on Shadow’s shoulder* Ochitsuite, Oniichan. (Calm down)


Sonic: *walks out of his house as everyone else comes out of theirs* All right. What’s this all about?


Officer: During the night, a GUN base in a remote location was attacked by a female hedgehog. The Chaos Emerald was stolen and the base has sustained heavy damage. Nobody got a good look at the suspect, but security cameras managed to capture this image. *holds up a photograph showing the silhouette of a female hedgehog with turned up quills* At first we thought that perhaps Agent Savannah had gone rogue, but our records show she doesn’t have the type of power displayed by the suspect. Furthermore, the proportions are wrong. This female is shorter and less… mature than Agent Savannah. *looks at Ashlyn*


Ashlyn: Wait, you think I did it?!


Officer: You’re the only other female hedgehog on record capable of moving at such high speed.


Ashlyn: That’s not proof…! *eyes widen as he starts to cuff her*


Officer: Ashlyn Rosella, you are under arrest for suspected terrorism. The rest of you will be held here in your so-called “Freedom Village” while we investigate.


Savannah: *takes the photo and looks at it* Mattaku. Taitei ningen wa hontou ni baka da. *shows the photo to Shadow* (Good grief. Sometimes humans can really be idiots.)


Shadow: *looks at it* Tashikani. Demo, nani wo itte mo, karetachi wa kikanai. (Certainly. But, no matter what we say, they won’t listen.)


*Two of the soldiers jab Savannah and Shadow with their guns*


Soldier: Hey! Don’t try to talk around us!


Shadow: *growls*


Savannah: *stops Shadow again* Dame da yo, Oniichan. Okoru ni nattara, kanojo ni kiken sareru. (Don’t. If you get angry, she will be in danger.)


Shadow: *sighs and nods*


Ashlyn: *struggling as she gets dragged toward a chopper* Hey! Let me go! I didn’t do anything!


Soldier: Be quiet!


Ashlyn: *groans* That’s it! *spin-dashes free of their grip and takes off running*


Officer: After her!


*soldiers run after Ashlyn*


Ashlyn: *already twenty miles away in a cave. Uses a stalagmite to break the cuffs* There! *walks out of the cave* Now I gotta find a way off of the island so I can figure out what’s going on. *gets hit by something and thrown backwards* Oof! What the?! *sits up and sees someone standing a short distance away in silver armor*


???: So we finally meet, Ashlyn Rosella.


Ashlyn: Who the heck are you?


???: My name is not important. Now that you are wanted by GUN, my master, Dr. Eggman Jr., has an offer for you.


Ashlyn: Well then give a message to him for me. Tell him I’m not interested in the slightest.


???: Are you sure? After all, I have your ticket out of here. *holds up a Chaos Emerald*


Ashlyn: A Chaos Emerald! *rushes toward ???, only for them to suddenly vanish and reappear ten feet to the side*


???: Sorry Ashlyn, but there are only two ways for you to get this Emerald. You can either come with me, or… *smirks* You can fight me.


Ashlyn: A challenge huh? Bring it on! *charges at ??? with her hammer*


???: *jumps out of the way gracefully and tries to kick Ashlyn*


Ashlyn: *blocks it with the head of her hammer*


*The two of them keep attacking and defending, neither managing to get a good hit on the other*


Sam: Ashlyn!


Ashlyn: Huh? *momentarily distracted, gets hit by an updraft and goes flying back into the grass* Oof!


Sam: Ash! *runs over to her* Are you okay?


Ashlyn: Yeah. *sits up*


Sam: *looks at ??? as Ashlyn stands up* Who the heck is that? *suddenly gets angry* Who do you think you are, attacking my sister?! *spindashes at ???*


???: *sidesteps to avoid Sam*


Ashlyn: *attacks ??? with a spindash hammer attack*


???: *goes flying and helmet comes off, lands in the grass and sits back up*


Sam: Holy cow you’re a girl!


???: Yes I’m a girl you moron! *ears flick* Seems we’re out of time for today, but we’ll meet again soon, Ashlyn Rosella. *suddenly disappears*


Sam: You okay Sis?


Ashlyn: Yeah. Thanks.


Sam: Come on! Let’s go back and tell GUN about your imposter!


Ashlyn: That won’t work Sam. The news once had clear images of Uncle Shadow and they still mistook him for Dad! You go back home and tell Mom and Dad what’s going on. I’ll try to shake off GUN.


Sam: Okay… *heads back to the village*



Shadow’s House: 06:53…


Crystalina: *sitting on her bed, avoiding the window like Shadow told her to. Clenches her hands in her lap nervously*


Midnight: *suddenly covers Crystalina’s mouth from behind* (quietly): Chaos Control…


Crystalina: *tries to scream as they disappear*

Lily of the Stars
Amy: Been a while since I painted something in Photoshop. I need a profile pic for my YouTube Channel and Vlog, and since my handle is Silky Flower, I decided to paint a picture of my favorite flower, the stargazer lily. The petal in the foreground could perhaps use a bit of work, but I like it.
Mobian Ears Tutorial
Amy: Okay, so I used to have a hedgehog ear headband made for me by SkellyDoodle , but it mysteriously disappeared. Sadly, I did not discover this until the night before the last Tokyo in Tulsa, and so I had to slap some together the day of. But as I had a little time to kill, I used the leftover felt to make new ones for myself. And while I was at it, I made a tutorial for other people to use!

My original ears were on a headband, but these ones use wig clips to attach to my wig, simply because they are for an Amy cosplay and it's inconvenient to have to wear two headbands at once.

You could theoretically make these with fake fur instead, but it would be more difficult and felt looks just fine for most Sonic characters.
Amy: That means "Happy New Year" in Japanese. So I FINALLY finished the next issue of 20YFN. However, it has occurred to me that I never finished the Youtube videos, so unless I'm struck by a sudden rush of inspiration, I will probably spend the rest of my break on those.

I am gonna shade Marcella though.

Well, the girls and I are hanging out tomorrow, so chao for now!
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Amy, Blaze, and Tikal
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Amy: Hi! We're the Chao Sisters, Amy, Blaze, and Tikal! We love chao and anything Sonic, so most of the stuff on this account has something to do with Sonic. I'm Amy (that's actually my nickname because my fave character is Amy Rose), and I'm the main author for our main series, "Sonic's World, 20 Years From Now," a series that is mainly about the Sonic and the others children, and their own adventures. However, even though I write it, I do get a lot of feedback from Blaze and Tikal, and they are both responsible for creating and/or designing several of the characters. 20YFN will be an ongoing series that will continue as long as we don't run out of ideas (which probably won't happen since we pull a lot of inspiration from the games). Blaze is also doing her own series called "Sonic Drama Island" which will have an eventual end. Tikal has her own account called :icontikalember: so you can also check out her stuff. Oh, and all three of us love to draw, and a lot of our drawings are used in our different series. Most of the time I'll be the one uploading them, regardless of who drew them, but occasionally Blaze will do her own uploading. Also, I upload the scripts for all of our series because they are all typed up on my computer. Blaze does write her own scripts, but always in a notebook, so they are always transcripted onto my computer and then uploaded by me, although this might change since Blaze recently got her own computer. By the way, all of our stories are based solely on information and events in the games and have no relation to the Archie Comics or any of the Sonic cartoon shows. The closest thing is that Cosmo the Seedrian appears in Blaze's series "Sonic Drama Island" but in that series, we have her as never having met Sonic and the others before.

Also, we have a rule about posting comments on our deviations, and our profile. Well, really two rules. The first is no flaming; ever. As it says in our signature, if you don't like something of ours, that is your opinion and you're entitled to it. We'll respect that, but in return you need to respect us by keeping the rude and/or nasty comments to yourself. The second is no swear words. I have a strong dislike for swear words, so if anyone, ANYONE, posts a comment on our profile, or on one of our drawings or stories using a swear word, it will be hidden from view, even if the person is our friend, and even if they were praising our work. Now, that may not necessarily be true if the swearing is in their signature, because I usually read comments in our messages, and signatures aren't shown there. However, if I see a comment that has a swear word in the signature, I will hide it too, because I do not want to see that. If you break either of these two rules, you're comment will be hidden from view, and if you flamed our work, you're probably gonna receive a reply from me telling you off and giving you the whole spill about respect and keeping it to yourself. So please people, be respectful, of us, and of others. Oh, and also, I don't want to be a hypocrite, so let me say this: I know a lot of people are not major haters of swearing the way I am, and see nothing wrong with putting it in their signature. Now, I don't want to be disrespectful to you or anything by hiding the comment because of the signature, however, I do not want to see the word myself, I also don't want younger children who might look at the deviation to see it. We keep all of our stuff rated G, PG at most (and that would only be because of violence). I know somebody whose children are only allowed to read/watch our stuff because she knows how adamant I am about keeping it clean. So yes, younger children may see this stuff, and I don't want them to see such language, even if it is in somebody's signature. Forgive this little rant, but we have had a couple of problems with this.

Also, we do both requests and commissions. Requests are only available to our Watchers however.

For everyone else, the prices are 20 points for a single character picture, and plus 10 points for each additional character. (p = 20 +10a). It's really just a question of whether you prefer to watch us or pay us.

1.: It must not go against our principles (if it does, we will tell you)

2.: You must be polite in asking about it (be adults people, ask nicely).

3.: You must be willing to wait (Don't give us deadlines. We have a lot of our own projects going and we can't necessarily drop everything to handle a request. We have stuff outside of our Deviant account as well. So you have to be patient, and not constantly bother us about it. If you pester us, we may drop the request, or refuse to do further ones for you. It is okay to remind us about once in a great while, just to make sure we don't forget, but not on a regular basis.)

4. We will not do pictures of your OCs unless you are listed under our close friends.

If you comply with these rules, we'll be happy to do a request for you (or at least attempt to). Also, the reason that I didn't list all the principles that a request must not compromise is that I'm not sure if I can remember them all off the top of my head. But if you request something that would be against our morals, we'll let you know.
HOWEVER, I must point out that our requests are kinda closed to the public right now because I don't have the time for them. They might be reopened during the summer, AFTER I get my room cleaned up and hopefully catch up on all of my unfinished projects. We might take a request from one of the people listed to be our close friend, but nobody else.

Our DA friends:

Amy: By my definition, a friend on DA is somebody on your WATCH list that is also on your list of WATCHERS. That being said, our DA friends are as follows:














Anyway, hopefully Blaze will add her own spill onto this soon.

Current Residence: Angel Island, Mobius
Favourite genre of music: Amy: Rock and Hip-Hop, Blaze: Country, Tikal: Country
Favourite style of art: Um, anime?
Operating System: Varies
Shell of choice: Say what?
Wallpaper of choice: Amy: Sonamy, Blaze: ?, Tikal: Flower
Skin of choice: We like the skin we have thank you.
Favourite cartoon character: Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat, and Tikal the Echidna
Personal Quote: Forgiveness is given, but trust must be earned.


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For a premium membership, cause currently, none of us have the money to buy one. ^^; Donations are much appreciated!

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Did you like it better when the sagas and episodes of 20YFN had titles such as Midnight's Dawn? 

3 deviants said Yes
No deviants said No.


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