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Hime To Miko 1-5 by Katidid1992

Amy: This is my first critique, so sorry if it's not very helpful. The panel layout and the use of tones is excellent. Michiru's arms l...

Progress Report on Various Stories/Projects

Amy's Stories and Projects:

Sonic’s World: 20 Years From Now Pre-Series
Posted: 43% of script, 87% of pictures
Remainder script: 85% done, corrections still need to be made
Remaining Pictures: 0% done, probably will be worked on after corresponding issues have been posted
Total Progress on Pre-Series: 54%

Sonic’s World: 20 Years From Now
Current Saga:
Posted: 20% of script (Estimated 3 issues out of 15), 100% of pictures
Remainder of Script: 90% done, needs to be proofread and cut down some
Remaining Pictures: N/A
Total Progress on Saga: 70%

New pictures of the Adventurers
Posted: 33%
Current Picture: 80% complete (need to do shading)
Remaining pictures: 0% complete
Total Progress: 38%

Shadow and Christi
Current chapter: 0%

Christi and NiGHTS:
Current Chapter 0%

Emerald Adventures
Next page: 10% complete? I've started a basic sketch on a piece of paper. I've decided to do my preliminary sketches on paper, and then refine the drawings in Manga Studio. I am still considering finishing and posting the script for the first issue, because it will take forever for the story to go anywhere doing it in comic form. Therefore, the comic may become something of a side project for when I'm bored and have time to kill.

Prima Power
Next Chapter: 0% complete
Next Picture: N/A
Remaining pictures: N/A

Royal Jewels
Next Chapter: 0% complete
Next picture: 10% I need to work on my concept art for some other characters, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. ^^;

Divine Destiny
First Chapter: 25% complete. I keep getting stuck, plus, I usually only write it on Fridays and Saturdays, and I tend to spend most of Saturday sleeping. ^^;
Next Picture: N/A

Sonic Drama: Chat Time
Script: 0% Currently, I am unable to work on this series as we have only received one question since the last episode
Character drawings: N/A
Character setup: N/A
Voices: N/A
Animation: N/A
Video editing: N/A

Blaze's Stories and Projects:

Tokyo Element
Next chapter: 0% complete (need to decide which girl to bring in next)
Concept art:
girls: 100% (may wait till later to post :?)
bots: 100% (all on one pic so that'll have to wait)
demons: 0% (having creative difficulties with the earth demon)
Raion and Tora: 100%
villain: 0%

Modern Dragon Riders ~~
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: Not sure ^_^' (still working on how to draw dragons)

Crepuscular Peak
Next Chapter:0%
Concept art: nearly done (still got a couple designs to figure out)

Neo Nightopia
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: 100% (almost all characters in this story are not mine ^_^')

Hollow Fields: New Experiences
First chapter: 35%
Concept art: 0% (almost all characters in this story are not mine ^_^')

Half-Blood Dragon
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: 10% (really need to work on that)

The Craftsman Project
First chapter: 50%
Concept art: <5%

Beta Team
Next chapter: 12%
Concept art: 10%?

No Longer Wonderland*
First chapter: 0%
Concept art: nearly done (still got a couple creatures to design)

*Title subject to change

Amy and Blaze's Joint Projects:

Sonic Drama Island ~~
Next Episode: 25% written
Pictures: N/A

Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Story
First Chapter: 0% completed (we really need to start working on that)

~~ in hiatus


Two characters with complex background
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All of these results are the ones Amy got.

What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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What Sonic-X Character Are You?
What Sonic-X Character Are You?
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Amy: Um... they do know Amy is a hedgehog, right?

Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?
Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?
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What Power Puff Girl Z Are You?
What Power Puff Girl Z Are You?
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Amy: Seriously? Why is it I almost always get results that mean "leader"? I am so not a leader.

How Mature Do You Think?
How Mature Do You Think?
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Amy: I find this result a little odd since most people say I am emotionally immature. I would've thought I'd have gotten like, preteen, teenager at best. But maybe this is talking about your ability to rationalize and things of that nature, rather than how appropriate your interests are in comparison to your age. ^^;

What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
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What Type Of Gamer Are You?
What Type Of Gamer Are You?
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Amy: I find this one funny since I don't play any hardcore games at all. ^^; The highest maturity rating I've ever even played is Teen, but I usually don't go above E10. Then again, I do own almost all the current systems (I have no interest in a PS3, and I doubt I'll buy a PS4 or XBOX One).

What Genre Of Manga Are You?
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
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What Is Your Anime Hair Colour?
What Is Your Anime Hair Colour?
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This one, evidently, was for fantasy hair colors. ^^; At least I got the hair color I like best.

What's Your Personality Quirk?
What's Your Personality Quirk?
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...This picture has Luffy's scar on the wrong side....

What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
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What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?
What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?
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What Element Of Harmony Are You?
What Element Of Harmony Are You?
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Strangely, Mr. Johnson was not remotely surprised when his son and nephew told him about the events of the previous day.

“I was wondering when you would discover your powers.” He stated calmly.

“You knew Dad?” Derek asked.

“Of course. I have them to you know.” The older man replied.

“Did my dad have them too?” Eric inquired.


“But… how...?” Azami asked.

Phillip hesitated, “I had planned to wait until you boys had graduated to tell you this… But it seems it would be better if I told you now.”

“Told us what?” Eric asked nervously.

“…Our family is from another world.”

Eric blinked and Derek cleaned out his ear.

“Come again?” The red-haired boy asked.

“We come from another world.” His uncle repeated, “The Land of Sweets, to be more exact.”

“But… but that’s just a fairytale!” Eric cried.

“No… it is not.” His uncle replied calmly while taking a sip of tea.

“It’s just as I thought then?” Professor Daniels asked, “Our enemies come from another world, which our world has interacted with over the centuries?”

Mr. Johnson nodded, “You are all, I assume, familiar with the story of The Nutcracker?”

“Of course.” Lily replied, “Every dancer is.”

“Have any of you read the original book though?” He asked.

“I have.” Lily told him, “My parents gave a copy of it to me when I was still in elementary school.”

“Then you know of how Marie—Clara in the ballet—Broke the curse that had befallen on the Nutcracker, became his bride, and the two of them ruled the Land of Sweets together.”

Lily nodded. Poppy looked confused, “I thought that that was just a dream?” She asked.

Lily took her younger sister into her lap, “Even though, in the ballet, Clara doesn’t know if what happened was real or not, in the book, she and the Nutcracker get married at the end.”

“That’s right.” Phillip said, “And the Nutcracker and Marie Stahlbaum are our ancestors.”

“Say what now?” Derek asked in confusion.

“The story of The Nutcracker really happened. Drosselmeyer and his nephew were from our world, and his nephew fell in love with and married a girl from this world after she pledged to love him in spite of his appearance. The two of them replaced the spiteful and ungrateful Princess Pirlipat as the rulers of our world.”

“So the entire story is true, then?” Azami asked.

“Not everything.” Phillip replied while sipping more tea, “E.T.A. Hoffman exaggerated some parts. The mouse king didn’t really have seven heads, and there is no such thing as a Sugarplum Fairy. Fairies don’t exist, even in our world.”

“Where did THAT part come from then?” Lily asked curiously.

“There are many different kinds of people in our world. Among them are the people of Winter and Spring; known as the Snowflakes and Flowers in the ballet.” Mr. Johnson explained, “The people of Winter are said to be immune to the cold and can make anything with ice. The people of Spring are expert gardeners who can grow anything. The Sugarplum “Fairy” at that time was a girl whose father was a snowflake and mother was a flower, and she was talented in both crafts. For this reason, she was adored and admired by both clans. However, unions between members of these two clans are rare, not because they dislike each other, but simply because they don’t often meet. They live in very different regions you see. Eric’s mother was one of the few who was born from such a marriage. It was rumored that she could grow plants even in the snow.”

“What about this?” Lily asked as she gestured to her choker.

“Ah.” Phillip replied, “The Sugarplum Amethyst. It was developed for Eric’s mother, who had trouble with extreme temperatures. His father gave it to her, so that she would be comfortable no matter what part of the country they traveled to.”

Lily nodded in understanding.

“As a matter of fact, many of the ballets and fairytales that exist in this world are based on events that happened in ours.” Mr. Johnson continued, “Though the versions that exist in this world are often exaggerated.”

“So why are you in this world?” Jessamina asked.

Phillip leaned back in his seat, “Well, I originally came here after marrying Derek’s mother. She was from this world you see, and I wanted her to be happy. But then…”

“Then what?” Rita asked.

“But then insurgents attacked the palace in Dulcenea, when Eric was still an infant.” He told them, “At his parents’ instruction, I took Eric and the Sugarplum Amethyst and brought them both to this world to keep them safe.”

“Wait…” Lily said as realization dawned on her, “When Eric transformed and called himself ‘The Prince’, he meant he was literally the prince… of Dulcenea?”

Phillip nodded, “That’s right. I am the brother of the late king. So technically, I’m the duke, not Derek, but he is next in line for that title.”

“‘Dulce’ means ‘sweet’ in Spanish,” Rita remarked, “So your country’s name literally means “Land of Sweets?” Phillip nodded.

“So then…” Eric said, struggling to process all of this, “The insurgents?”

“They killed your parents and took over the kingdom.” His uncle replied.

“And now they’re the people who are after us.” Lily stated.

“Most likely.” Mr. Johnson replied, “As I understand, though they conquered Dulcenea, they’ve met resistance. They were probably trying to find a way to make their rule absolute.”

“Can you tell us more about them?” Evan asked, “Like, who we’re actually facing?”

“Of course. Our enemies are led by five commanders, as I understand it. The first is the Mouse King.”

“Seriously?” Lily asked in disbelief.

Phillip nodded, “I know it sounds cliché, but he is a descendant of the Mouse King of old, who seeks to take the throne from Queen Marie’s descendants. His second-in-command and chief scientist is Rhenium. He’s probably the one who made you girls the way you are. Rhenium is the chief of the gypsies, although in our kingdom, while gypsies are thieves, they are not sorcerers. Instead, they are highly skilled scientists… who frequently perform… less than ethical experiments.”

The group of teens sweat-dropped at this statement.

“Two of the other commanders are Rothbart and Mordra. Rothbart is the Mouse King’s ‘Royal Sorcerer’ while Mordra is an apothecary who specializes in poisons. Finally, there is a woman from this world who oversees all of their operations in here.”

“Poppy’s stepmother.” Lily stated simply.

Mr. Johnson nodded, “Yes, but now that the police are aware of her illegal activities, she has likely fled to Dulcenea itself.”

“They sound almost like the villains from each of our ballets.” Jessamina remarked and the older man nodded in reply.

“Lily.” Eric said quietly. His girlfriend looked at him and the two teens nodded in silent agreement. Eric stood up with Lily, her hand in his. “I’ve made my decision.” He announced to the group, “I’m going to fight these insurgents and take back my kingdom. Will the rest of you help me?”

His cousin stood up beside him, “I’m in.” Azami stood next to him.

“Watashi mo.”

Jessamina also stood up, “Myself as well.”

“And me.” Rita said as she stood.

“Me too!” Poppy declared, jumping up and grabbing Lily’s hand.

“I’ll help however I can.” Evan told them.

Professor Daniels frowned, “Are you all sure about this?” He asked with concern.

“You’re all still very young.” Mr. Johnson agreed, “You don’t have to do this.”

“Yes.” Eric replied.

“We do.” Lily finished.

“I am the prince and the rightful heir to the Dulcenean throne. I have a duty to my people and will not allow them to be oppressed by these monsters.” Eric explained.

“And with our powers, we’re the only ones who even have a chance of stopping them.” Lily added, “The longer we wait, the more people will suffer.”

“Besides, we’ll never get these guys off our backs unless we meet them head on.” Rita agreed.

Phillip Johnson sighed, “Very well. Then I will show you how to get to Dulcenea.”

The Duke of Sweets led the group to a secluded part of his estate where a small cave resided. To their surprise, they found a young man with gold hair on his knees right outside, clutching a wounded shoulder.

“Lucien!” Philip cried, instantly recognizing the boy and running over to him, “What are you doing here lad?!”

The boy looked up at the older man, “The Mouse King’s army attacked my family, under the command of Professor Rhenium.” He explained. “I don’t know why. As far as they know, we’ve always been loyal to them.”

Mr. Johnson sighed, “Perhaps they learned that you’ve been acting as a spy all this time…” He turned his attention to those who were with him. “This is Lucien, a nobleman of Dulcenea whose family kept themselves safe from the Mouse King by feigning loyalty to him. The entrance of this cave is a portal to Dulcenea.” He explained, “The royal family built this estate long ago to protect it.”

“So we just walk through it and we’ll be in Dulcenea?” Derek asked his father.

“Yes, but not in the capital.” Phillip replied, “This cave connects to a cave in the Forest of Winter. That’s where you’ll end up.”

“That presents a problem.” Professor Daniels said thoughtfully, “The children cannot keep going back and forth and start out at the same place every time.”

“Time flows differently in Dulcenea than it does in this world.” The other man replied, “As long as they don’t take more than… two months there, they should be back by the end of their winter holiday.”

The group of students sweat-dropped.

“Well… That makes things easier I guess.” Evan remarked.

“But what are we supposed to do, even in that instance?” Jessamina asked, “We can’t just disappear from our dorms for two weeks. Our absence would be noticed.”

“You are quite right, my dear.” The professor agreed, “I suppose I will have to explain the situation to Miss Applewood.”

“It’s better if you don’t.” Rita told him, “From a liability standpoint, the less Miss Applewood knows of this, the better. That way, if something happens, she won’t have to admit to sending us off on a life-threatening mission in another world.”

“Miss Prado has an excellent point.” Mr. Johnson agreed, “It would be best to simply tell her that I have invited the children to spend their holiday here at my estate.”

“You’re right, that would be best.” The professor agreed, “But I refuse to let them go until I’ve developed a way to maintain contact with them while they are gone.”

Philip nodded in agreement, “That is a wise idea.” He turned toward the young man, “Lucien, I’ve not been to Dulcenea in nearly thirteen years, this world’s time. Would you be so kind as to act as a guide to this group of youngsters?”

Lucien looked up at Lily and her friends in surprise, “Why would you guys WANT to go to Dulcenea at this time?” He asked them, “It’s under the rule of the Mouse King. You’re better off here in your own world.”

“We’re going there to save it.” Eric said firmly.

“And we’re not any better off here.” Lily added, “The Mouse King’s army have been breathing down our necks since I arrived here in England four months ago.”

“Prince Eric, Lord Derek, I beseech you. It is too dangerous for you and your friends. Besides, what can eight children do against an army?”

“These children are far from ordinary, Lucien.” Mr. Johnson told him, “Miss Lily Pond has the power of the Snow Queen and Flower Queen combined. Miss Azami Miki can fly, control the wind, and is even able to battle Rothbart’s daughter, Odile. Miss Jessamina Arbre can stun all of her opponents with a single strike. Miss Rita Prado can burn any enemy who approaches her. And little Poppy Fields can wash away any approaching danger. As for my son and nephew, well, Derek is the finest marksman I have ever seen, and Eric can match blades with any enemy. If anybody can save Dulcenea from the Mouse King and his subordinates, it is these children.”

Lucien hesitated, but then nodded, “Very well. I will not question you, your grace.”

Phillip nodded and looked back at the team, “You all should return to the school to prepare for your journey. I will send a map and Lucien with you, so that he can tell you more about Dulcenea and what to expect while you’re there.”

The group nodded and began to walk back to the mansion, but Rita noticed Lucien lagging behind, still clutching his shoulder.

“Are you all right?” She asked as she walked over to him.

“Y-yes… Though I fear I did not escape the Mouse King’s army unscathed.” He admitted.

“Let me see.” Rita insisted. She gently pried off his hand and examined the wound. “It doesn’t look too deep. As long as it’s cleaned and bandaged properly, it should heal just fine.” She took a first-aid kit out of the bag she was carrying and began tending to the wound.

“How can you tell?” He asked.

“I took first-aid training last year. It’s a requirement at our school to take it during your eleventh year.” She explained. “Since injuries are common among professional dancers, we’re expected to know how to treat ourselves and others.”

“You’re a dancer?” He asked with interest.

Rita nodded, “We all are. All eight of us attend a ballet school together.”

“It doesn’t surprise me that the prince and Lord Derek would go to such a school.” Lucien remarked, “Ballet is so important in Dulcenea that their education would be lacking without it. But I am surprised they found such powerful allies in this world.”

“That would be the Mouse King’s own fault.” Rita replied while fastening the bandage. “There, I’m done.”

A short while later, the Primas, the three boys, and Lucien were gathered in their hideout on the school grounds to discuss their trip. Lucien laid the map Derek’s father had provided out for all of them to see.

“Okay, listen up, Dulcenea is made up of eight distinct regions. Each region has it’s own monarch, who serves the royal family in the capital. At least that’s how it was before the Mouse King took over. The northwestern region is the Forest of Winter. This is where the People of Winter live, and they are ruled by the Snow Queen. To the east is Lussia, which is similar to this world’s Russia. These two lands are separated by the Cocoa Mountains. The culture in this region is like Scandinavia in this world.

The region to the southeast is Aquaria. It’s occupied by humans on land and merpeople under the sea. These two people used to exist as joint providence, but the merpeople disappeared when the Mouse King took over, along with the technology used to reach their underwater city. To the southwest is Carabia. I believe your world has a similar region called Arabia. In between the two is Mazapán, which is where I come from.”

“Mazapán is Spanish for Marzipan.” Rita remarked curiously.

Lucien smiled, “Yes. It is Dulcenea’s version of Spain. I hope you will feel at home there. Finally, in the eastern region is Spring Meadows, which is home to the People of Spring, who are ruled by the Flower Queen. At the very center of the kingdom is the Land of Sweets, which is where the royal palace, the gingerbread village, and the peppermint forest are located.”

“It sounds like Candy Land.” Jessamina joked.

Lucien smiled, completely missing the meaning behind the comment, “It really is something like that.” He rolled the map back up and looked back at the team, “There’s a couple of other things I should tell you. The first is that the real last name of the royal family is Drosselmeyer, not Johnson. Johnson is merely a name they use in this world to avoid standing out.”

Eric nodded, “That makes sense, since Uncle Phillip said that the nutcracker in the story was our ancestor.”

Lucien looked confused, but nodded, “The second thing I need to tell you is that because Miss Lily bears the Sugarplum Amethyst, and because Prince Eric gave it to her, she will be seen as his consort, and be treated as such.”

“Consort?” Poppy asked in confusion.

Lucien nodded, “It’s kind of like being betrothed. It’s not the same as simply courting, but it’s not as binding as marriage either.”

“Huh?” Poppy said.

“In English,” Lily told her sister, “It’s kind of like we’re engaged. We’re not just dating, but we’re not married either. At least that’s how the people of Dulcenea will see it, right?” She asked, looking at Lucien.

“Uh, yes, I suppose.” Lucien said.

Jessamina sweat-dropped and looked at Eric and Derek, “Please tell me that you two speak ‘nobility’.”

The two cousins smirked. “We’ve learned a bit from Uncle Phillip over the years.” Eric said before turning his attention to the entire group, “All right everyone, get a good night’s rest. We’ll return to the estate and journey to Dulcenea tomorrow.”
Prima Power, Volume 3, Chapter 6
Amy: Sheesh, I've written, like, an entire volume of this story in the past two weeks. This'll be the last chapter for a while though. I probably won't have time to write again until school is out.

Prima Power and all of it's characters belong to me.
WIP: He Thinks He's James Bond by chaosisters147
WIP: He Thinks He's James Bond
Amy: This is Evan Daniels, one of the few people who knows the Primas' secret. He has no powers of his own, but he is highly intelligent and acts as a friendly adviser to them. He is also Jessamina's boyfriend.

The original picture of Evan made him look too young. I made an effort to remedy that with this one, but I kept his original hairstyle. His feet look awkward though. ^^;
WIP: Handsome Cousins by chaosisters147
WIP: Handsome Cousins
Amy: This line art for a picture of Eric and Derek Johnson from Prima Power. They are cousins who are also the boyfriends of Lily and Azami, respectively. It will be easier to tell them apart once this is colored, but for now, Eric is on the left and Derek is on the right. Though they look the same age, Derek is actually one year younger.
WIP: The Black Swan by chaosisters147
WIP: The Black Swan
Amy: This Azami's rival and Odette's evil twin, Odile, though she is known to the students and faculty of Cherry Hollows as Marlene Amsel. Odile is in every way a spoiled daddy's girl who is used to getting what she wants.

In the original story of Swan Lake, Odile is the spoiled daughter of the sorcerer, Rothbart. Rothbart uses his magic to make Odile look like Odette so that she can trick Prince Seigfried into declaring his love for her instead, thus preventing him from breaking Odette's curse.

Odile's appearance is varied between versions. In some versions, she is pretty in her own right, but will still only be able to secure Siegfried's vow by looking like Odette. In others, she is actually rather ugly, but still a skilled dancer.

In Prima Power, Odile actually has a more mature figure than Azami. The reason is that I've noticed in most magical girl anime, the dark magical girl has a decidedly curvier figure than the main heroine. So Odile follows that pattern. She also likes to get attention, which is why she dresses the way she does. As Marlene Amsel, she dresses in something mimicking traditional German clothing in order to strengthen her cover as being a student from Germany.
WIP: Helpful Robotic Twins by chaosisters147
WIP: Helpful Robotic Twins
Amy: These are Lily's two robotic assistants, Snowbell and Flora. I'll color this when I get a chance, although I may go back and make their arms a bit longer first.

Crazy Week

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 25, 2015, 6:44 PM
:bulletpink::bulletpurple::bulletorange:Amy Rose Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Blaze Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Tikal Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki SonAmy Stamp by sonamy-fans :bulletorange::bulletpurple::bulletpink:

Section One Title Here

Go to "Edit Skin" and type stuff here in the "Skin Header" Section <3

Main Journal

Amy: Ugh, sorry I haven't done anything in a week, but things have been crazy.

My mom and I had to sit in the hallway of the hospital for nearly an hour because the tornado sirens were going off. The hallway near the elevators was considered the safest place, though in my opinion, safety is a loose term when you're talking about tornadoes and the top floor of 13-story building. It was a little bit funny watching the nurses run around like chickens with their heads cut off though. Emergency procedures are always difficult with hospitals, especially on this floor, where most of the patients are elderly people who are bed-ridden. And the three of us who aren't all have the same respiratory disease. Not to mention I have an anxiety disorder, which often sets off my asthma (or the other way around). So of the three patients who are mobile, one is on oxygen, one has been having severe difficulty breathing, and then I'm freaking out and having asthma trouble at the same time. The poor nurses didn't know what to do. They finally ended up sending my mom back into my room (even though no one was supposed to be in the patient rooms at the time) to get my anti-anxiety medication and my inhaler.

It probably wouldn't have been so bad except the last few days had already been stressful. I slept nearly all day on Thursday (literally), so my doctor ordered blood work to determine the cause of my exhaustion. Blood work is normally drawn via my IV, but my IV didn't wanna draw blood.

There are three kinds of IVs that hospitals typically use, depending on the frequency and length of a patient's stays. The first is the regular in-the-arm IV, called a peripheral, and only lasts a few days. The second is called a PIC line, which I believe goes deeper into the veins and usually lasts about six weeks. However, both these types require being able to find a good vein, which I don't really have. The third, most permanent option is a port, which is a small disk that is surgically implanted and connected to a vein. Once the port has been implanted, all you have to do to start an IV is insert a needle into the port. The port itself typically lasts about four years or so, depending on the amount of use and how physically active the patient is. They're used on patients who are hospitalized frequently for more than a few days, and they bypass the need for a good vein. Getting them implanted isn't exactly fun, but they can be real lifesavers in the long run.

At any rate, normally most blood tests can be drawn from a port if it's accessed (meaning it has a needle in it), but mine hadn't been drawing the entire time we'd been here. Since I'd already had blood drawn from my arm two or three times, my nurse was doing everything she could to try to get my port to draw. Unfortunately, instead of drawing like it should've, it infiltrated. Infiltration in this case means that instead of medicine going into the vein from the IV like it should, it just goes under your skin. When it's just saline, it's fine, but with antibiotics, it can be very painful.

My mom had to give me my anti-anxiety medication, which I very rarely use, right at that point because port problems naturally make me very anxious. The reason for that is when there's a problem with my port, trying to fix it is usually pretty painful.

When they realized my port was infiltrating, they stopped the IV and called a specialized nurse to try in fix it. The weird thing is that when she came in and pulled the needle out, it was still firmly in the port. Normally, when a port infiltrates, the needle is actually just sitting under the surface of the skin and is not in the port itself. For it to still be firmly in place was very odd.

So she tried to re-access it, which didn't work, and everyone else said she should've at least waited for the swelling to go down. Then she tried twice to start an IV in my arm, so we could at least run my meds, but couldn't because my veins are too small. So then they called the doctor and got orders to have the port replaced. It'd been a little over four years since it had been put in, so it didn't surprise me. We decided to wait until Monday to do the surgery instead of Friday so that it could be done with anesthesia...

...We got down there on Monday and they literally had NO idea that they were supposed to be putting me under. They thought they were still doing conscious sedation, which would've required being able to get an IV started. They also seemed to have no regard for the repeated statement that I HAVE an anxiety disorder and the surgeon kept arguing with me about trying to re-access my port first so they could run X-Ray dye through it and see if it could be salvaged. My port was difficult and painful to access and would be even more so if they tried to run dye through it when it wasn't properly accessed or was broken. However, since the nurse flat-out stated that she couldn't find a vein large enough for an IV in either of my arms, they decided to reschedule it for yesterday and bring the anesthesiologist in.

The anesthesiologist was so great; I don't know WHY they didn't have him there in the first place like they were supposed to. Since I couldn't take any medication by mouth beforehand, he gave me a shot of painkiller, a shot of an anti-anxiety med, and used a gas to put me out BEFORE trying to start the IV, which was what I had wanted all along. Apparently, anesthesia causes your veins to get a little bigger, so they had no trouble after that. The last thing I remember before passing out was him saying that he'd found a good one in my wrist, which made me think, "No! Not my wrist! That's the worst place to have one!". That was where they stuck it though, and my arm was still sore from it this morning. -_- I liked the anesthesia he gave me after starting the IV though. I was totally oblivious during surgery, but fairly alert after I came to.

So now I have a new port, which I'm glad for, but right now I'm sore from the surgery. My doctor said I probably would be for three days afterward. -_-;

So, yeah. My mom said the storm probably wouldn't have freaked me out so much if I wasn't already under a lot of stress from the past several days, and with my brain chemistry already screwed from all the meds, it takes me a while to bounce back from stuff like that.

At any rate, if I start feeling better, I might work more on Prima Power, but I need to get caught up on my homework. Also, I won't be coming home until sometime next week since I went all Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday without my IV antibiotics. I'm also making plans to change the way I do my makeup for TnT, since I found a method for eye makeup that I like better.

Chao for now!

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HOWEVER, I must point out that our requests are kinda closed to the public right now because I don't have the time for them. They might be reopened during the summer, AFTER I get my room cleaned up and hopefully catch up on all of my unfinished projects. We might take a request from one of the people listed to be our close friend, but nobody else.

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