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Hime To Miko 1-5 (Draft Concept) by Katidid1992

Amy: This is my first critique, so sorry if it's not very helpful. The panel layout and the use of tones is excellent. Michiru's arms l...

Progress Report on Various Stories/Projects

Amy's Stories and Projects:

Sonic’s World: 20 Years From Now Pre-Series
Posted: 43% of script, 87% of pictures
Remainder script: 85% done, corrections still need to be made
Remaining Pictures: 0% done, probably will be worked on after corresponding issues have been posted
Total Progress on Pre-Series: 54%

Sonic’s World: 20 Years From Now
Current Saga:
Posted: 20% of script (Estimated 3 issues out of 15), 100% of pictures
Remainder of Script: 90% done, needs to be proofread and cut down some
Remaining Pictures: N/A
Total Progress on Saga: 70%

New pictures of the Adventurers
Posted: 33%
Current Picture: 80% complete (need to do shading)
Remaining pictures: 0% complete
Total Progress: 38%

Shadow and Christi
Current chapter: 0%

Christi and NiGHTS:
Current Chapter 0%

Emerald Adventures
Next page: 10% complete? I've started a basic sketch on a piece of paper. I've decided to do my preliminary sketches on paper, and then refine the drawings in Manga Studio. I am still considering finishing and posting the script for the first issue, because it will take forever for the story to go anywhere doing it in comic form. Therefore, the comic may become something of a side project for when I'm bored and have time to kill.

Prima Power
Next Chapter: 0% complete
Next Picture: N/A
Remaining pictures: N/A

Royal Jewels
Next Chapter: 0% complete
Next picture: 10% I need to work on my concept art for some other characters, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. ^^;

Divine Destiny
First Chapter: 25% complete. I keep getting stuck, plus, I usually only write it on Fridays and Saturdays, and I tend to spend most of Saturday sleeping. ^^;
Next Picture: N/A

Sonic Drama: Chat Time
Script: 0% Currently, I am unable to work on this series as we have only received one question since the last episode
Character drawings: N/A
Character setup: N/A
Voices: N/A
Animation: N/A
Video editing: N/A

Blaze's Stories and Projects:

Tokyo Element
Next chapter: 0% complete (need to decide which girl to bring in next)
Concept art:
girls: 100% (may wait till later to post :?)
bots: 100% (all on one pic so that'll have to wait)
demons: 0% (having creative difficulties with the earth demon)
Raion and Tora: 100%
villain: 0%

Modern Dragon Riders ~~
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: Not sure ^_^' (still working on how to draw dragons)

Crepuscular Peak
Next Chapter:0%
Concept art: nearly done (still got a couple designs to figure out)

Neo Nightopia
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: 100% (almost all characters in this story are not mine ^_^')

Hollow Fields: New Experiences
First chapter: 35%
Concept art: 0% (almost all characters in this story are not mine ^_^')

Half-Blood Dragon
Next chapter: 0%
Concept art: 10% (really need to work on that)

The Craftsman Project
First chapter: 50%
Concept art: <5%

Beta Team
Next chapter: 12%
Concept art: 10%?

No Longer Wonderland*
First chapter: 0%
Concept art: nearly done (still got a couple creatures to design)

*Title subject to change

Amy and Blaze's Joint Projects:

Sonic Drama Island ~~
Next Episode: 25% written
Pictures: N/A

Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Story
First Chapter: 0% completed (we really need to start working on that)

~~ in hiatus


Two characters with complex background
If you want more than two characters, add an additional ten points per character to the price. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Two characters with simple background
If you want more than two characters, add an additional ten points per character to the price. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Two characters with no background
If you want more than two characters, add an additional ten points per character to the price. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Single character with complex background.
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Single Character with simple background
A simple background is one that can be done using the tools of whatever program is used and doesn't require extra drawing. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.
Single Character without Background
A drawing of one character with a transparent or solid colored background. Please note that we only do pictures of OCs for people on our close friends list.


All of these results are the ones Amy got.

What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
Hosted By Anime

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
Hosted By Anime

What Sonic-X Character Are You?
What Sonic-X Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Amy: Um... they do know Amy is a hedgehog, right?

Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?
Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?
Hosted By Anime

What Power Puff Girl Z Are You?
What Power Puff Girl Z Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Amy: Seriously? Why is it I almost always get results that mean "leader"? I am so not a leader.

How Mature Do You Think?
How Mature Do You Think?
Hosted By Anime

Amy: I find this result a little odd since most people say I am emotionally immature. I would've thought I'd have gotten like, preteen, teenager at best. But maybe this is talking about your ability to rationalize and things of that nature, rather than how appropriate your interests are in comparison to your age. ^^;

What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
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What Type Of Gamer Are You?
What Type Of Gamer Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Amy: I find this one funny since I don't play any hardcore games at all. ^^; The highest maturity rating I've ever even played is Teen, but I usually don't go above E10. Then again, I do own almost all the current systems (I have no interest in a PS3, and I doubt I'll buy a PS4 or XBOX One).

What Genre Of Manga Are You?
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
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What Is Your Anime Hair Colour?
What Is Your Anime Hair Colour?
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This one, evidently, was for fantasy hair colors. ^^; At least I got the hair color I like best.

What's Your Personality Quirk?
What's Your Personality Quirk?
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...This picture has Luffy's scar on the wrong side....

What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
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What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?
What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?
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What Element Of Harmony Are You?
What Element Of Harmony Are You?
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What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?
What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?
Hosted By Anime


Sonic: *charges at the Metarex with a homing attack, but merely bounces back*

Knuckles: *attempts to attack it, but is knocked back by a claw*

Blaze: *blasts it with fire, to no avail*

Shadow: *throws Chaos Spears at it, but they just bounce off*

Shade: *attempts to use her leech blades, but is unable to pierce its armor and is thrown back*

Knuckles: *face-plants next to Sonic and groans* It’s… pretty tough…

Sonic: Yeah, but we can beat him, guys.

Knuckles: Got a plan?

Sonic: Combo attacks. Let’s go! *runs off, but much slower than normal*

Cosmo: I thought Sonic would move much more quickly than he does…

Tails: *looks down and sees what Cosmo means* Something’s not right… Sonic’s not moving as fast as he usually does…

Sonic: Knuckles! Let’s use a Revolver Slam!

Knuckles: Right! *gets behind Sonic as Sonic charges up a spindash and uses it to hurl himself at the Metarex, but it doesn’t do any good*

Sonic: Huh. Shadow, lets hit him with an Atomic Strike!

Shadow: *nods and he and Sonic rapidly spindash around the Metarex to create an electrical attack, which also does not work*

Knuckles: *growls, sees Amy* Amy, Savannah, let’s give him a Knuckles Sandwich!

Amy: Right!

Savannah: Seriously? That name needs work.

Knuckles: *grabs Savannah and Amy and spins around before hurling them into the Metarex*

Sonic: *sweat-drops when that also fails* Shade! Let’s go for a blade drop!

Shade: *nods. Pulls out her blade as Sonic spindashes into the Metarex, then jumps on him as he rebounds and attacks, but is again unsuccessful*

Shadow: Knuckles! We’ll try Knuckles Express!

Knuckles: Got it!

Shadow: *teleports in front of Knuckles, then uses Chaos Control to lift him in the air and fling him toward the Metarex*

Knuckles: *grunts as he gets knocked back again*

Sonic: Amy! Let’s hit him with a Fastball!

Amy: Okay Sonic! *gets behind Sonic as he spindashes and sends him flying into the Metarex with her hammer, only for him to bounce off again*

Knuckles: Oh for crying out loud! Shadow, Shade! Hard Line!

Shade: *jumps into the air*

Knuckles: *jumps up as well*

Shade: *lands in Knuckles’ waiting palms*

Knuckles: *launches Shade higher into the air*

Shadow: *teleports right below Shade at the height of her ascent and pushes her even higher*

Shade: *dives at the Metarex, but get knocks aside*

*By this point, Sonic, Shadow, Savannah, Amy, Knuckles, and Shade are all breathing heavily*

Tails: *launches missiles at the Metarex, which also fails* This is impossible! No matter how hard we hit that thing, it just keeps going!

Knuckles: *looks at Sonic* You’ll have to use the Chaos Emeralds to stop this thing.

Sonic: I’d like to, but I don’t happen to have the Chaos Emeralds with me right now.

Knuckles: o_o Wh… where are they?

Sonic: Well I kind of got into this fight out in space, and the bad guy was gonna take them from me, so I sent them away.

Knuckles: You had all seven Chaos Emeralds together… and you threw them away?

Sonic: Exactly!

Knuckles: Are you crazy?! What are we gonna do?!

Sonic: ^^; I guess we’re gonna have to go find them again.

Blaze: In that case, maybe I really should use the Sol—

Sonic: No!! Trust me, it’s better if you don’t!

Blaze: Then how do you propose we stop—Miranda, get down! *pushes Miranda to the ground just before a claw passes over them*

Amy: *whimpers in alarm as a bright light begins to emit from the ground*

Metarex: Proceeding with planet egg removal.

Cosmo: *sees the light* Oh! Oh no!

*the light gets brighter, blinding everybody. When it fades, a strange object in the shape of an emerald-cut gem appears and begins floating into the air*

Cosmo: (sadly): He’s found the planet egg…

Tails: The what?

Cosmo: It’s the life force that sustains your world.

*Sonic and the others look around in horror as the surrounding trees begin to rapidly die*

Cosmo: The planet egg gives your world the power to support life. Without it, every living thing here will soon perish.

Metarex: *grabs the planet egg* Procedure complete. Lift off! *begins to take off*

Sonic: Hold it! *spindashes at it again, but is knocked back by a claw and begins plummeting*

Knuckles: I got ya! *jumps into the air and manages to catch Sonic, though they still have a rough landing. Groans*

Shadow: Tch. No other choice. *takes off his inhibitor rings and launches into the air in a burst of golden energy, easily destroying the Metarex*

*The planet egg falls to the ground and sinks back inside the planet*

Savannah: *sees Shadow plummeting, unconscious* Aa! Oniisan! *jumps into the air and saves Shadow*

Cosmo: *sighs in relief* Oh thank goodness.

Tails: Wow… I didn’t know Shadow was capable of that kind of power without an Emerald…

Cosmo: *suddenly jumps out of the plane*

Tails: Aah!

On the ground…

Knuckles: You didn’t put up much of a fight against that thing, Sonic. Are you sure you’re feeling okay?

Amy: You don’t seem like yourself.

Sonic: It’s been a long day, so I’m guess I’m a little tired. Huh? *looks up and sees Cosmo descending, using her dress as a parachute*

Savannah: Well there’s something you don’t see everyday.

Cosmo: *lands gently and pats her dress down before looking at Sonic* My name is Cosmo. I’ve come a long way to see you. I need to speak with you, Sonic.

Sonic: Okay…

Cosmo: I have sought you out because I know you have the power to control the Chaos Emeralds. I have come here because you are the one who can rescue the galaxy.

Sonic: I am?

Tails: *lands the Tornado II in Cyclone mode and jumps out* Cosmo! Don’t do that! At least not without warning me!

Sonic: *groans and passes out*

Tails: Aah! Sonic! What’s wrong?!

Knuckles: Say something!

Amy: Why isn’t he waking up?!

Miranda: We should get him inside.

Savannah: Yeah. Let’s take him and Oniisan back to our apartment so they can rest in the guestroom. Heather and Cream are waiting for us anyway.

Later, at Team Chao’s penthouse…

Heather:  *puts down a chao* Easy little one.  (To Cream): That's all of them, yeah?

Cream: Yes. Come on. The others are waiting for us in the living room.

Heather:  Yeah I'll be there.

In the living room…

Cosmo: You were all fighting against a Metarex.

Amy: A Metarex?

Cosmo: I don’t know how many there are, but they’ve been attacking planets all over the galaxy. Their goal is to unite the planets under one total rule.

Knuckles: Let me guess, their rule.

Cosmo: That’s right. They’ve already extinguished so many planets.

Shade: What do you mean by “extinguished”?

Cosmo: The Metarex don’t just conquer planets, they take the planet egg.

Savannah: The what?

Cosmo: The planet eggs are like the hearts of planets. Without them, they become just cold, barren rocks, drifting through space. If they had gotten away with your planet egg, your world would surely have withered away, just like the others have.

Miranda: That’s scary to think that our planet could’ve just died.

Cosmo: Yes. I’m afraid they won’t stop until they have taken your planet egg.

Heather: Persistent. We obviously need to stop them.

Cosmo: Yes.

Knuckles: Excuse my asking, but how do we know you’re not on their side?

Cosmo: Because I’m not! The Metarex are vicious, and they’ll destroy anyone who gets in their way! I am not with them; you have to believe me!

Knuckles: I wish I could.

Blaze: Knuckles, let her speak.

Cosmo: I came here so that what happened to me might not happen to all of you. My planet is gone. Everyone I loved… my friends, my family… *starts sobbing* Everything! Everything is gone!

Savannah: All right! That’s it! *stands up and grabs Knuckles by his quill*

Knuckles: Aah! Hey!

Savannah: If you’re gonna be that harsh towards this poor girl after all the times you were dumb enough to trust your enemy, then get out! *throws Knuckles out the front door and slams it behind him*

Heather: Hey, that's a bit unnecessary!  She didn't even want to talk to us until now.  We just fought off a bunch of... aliens that, unless you didn't hear, are coming back!  Now is not the time to fight with each other!

Savannah: Your brother should learn to be more sensitive though.

Heather:  Well have bigger things to worry about.  If our planet dies what will happen to us after all?

Savannah: I don't know about you, but I'm not just gonna sit here and let that happen, and I doubt Sonic and Oniisan will either. Come on, let's go check on them.

Heather:  Yeah, it's going to take everyone to help us out, not just Sonic and Shadow. If you’ll excuse me, I'm going to let my brother back in.

Savannah: Doesn't he have, I don't know, a giant Emerald he needs to guard?

Heather:  Don't know how much use it will be if the planet’s dead.

Savannah: I guess that's true. *goes to check on Cosmo*

A little bit later…

Savannah: *quietly shuts the door to her room* She’s calmed down a bit now. I think she’ll be all right. Let’s go check on Sonic and Oniisan. *goes to the guestroom with Miranda, Blaze, Amy, and Tails*

Amy: *nods and opens the door, then eyes widen* Sonic’s gone!

Tails: Oh no!

Savannah: Oniisan is gone too!

Blaze: They must have gone out the window!

Miranda: They’re in no condition to be moving around! Who knows how much more damage they’ll do to themselves!

Savannah: *gives Miranda a strange look* Okay, Sonic aside, A: Oniisan never had any injuries and B: even if he did, they would have already healed by now, unless they were really serious. Ultimate lifeform, remember?

Miranda: Hey, I’m still learning how his healing works.

Savannah: *sweat-drops*

Amy: They could have at least said, “Goodbye”!

Tails: That’s Sonic for ya. No matter what he just keeps moving. He can’t even stay still when he’s passed out.

Blaze: Well at least they’re okay.
Emerald Sisters: A New Journey, Part 3
Amy: Next part of this arc. I kinda rewrote the fight scene because, you know, this isn't supposed to be exactly like Sonic X after all. I've almost got the next part written too, but I'm kinda waiting on something right now...

Team Chao belongs to us.
Everyone else belongs to Sega.
Christina Lorwhola: The Emerald Princess by chaosisters147
Christina Lorwhola: The Emerald Princess
Amy: I finally convinced myself to finish this. I've had it sitting in my files, 3/4 done for months!

I decided to give Christi a new design because her old one made her too close to Molly and her original outfit was so basic. So the one on the right is what she wears to her coronation. The one on the left is something she wears later on. Her toy rabbit was made for her by her mother and she is rarely seen without it. Its rather unoriginal name of "Bunny" is currently the only English word that she knows.

Christina is the princess of a small island nation called Norwhola. The culture is something of a cross between Nigoku (Japan) and Apotos (Greece). Norwhola is ancient, having existed since the days of the Fourth Great Civilization.

Christina has something of a surrogate familial relationship with both Shadow and Dr. Eggman, although Eggman was banned from her life after his first attempt to conquer the world. Shadow views her as something of a niece and the only real family that he has, and is very protective of her.
It took only a few hours for Team Dark’s transport to arrive at Norwhola. They parked a rather sizable distance from the palace, to avoid upsetting the locals, and made their way there on foot. The Norwholan soldiers standing on guard tensed a bit when they caught sight of them, but the tension quickly melted when a woman came rushing out of the palace with an exuberant smile.

“Shadow-dono! Norwhola ni youkoso!” The woman greeted cheerfully, leaving Rouge a bit confused. “Hajimemashite! Watashi wa Rosi. Oushitsu no kaseifu.”

“Kochira koso.” Shadow replied. “Rouge to Omega ni shoukai shimasu.”

“Hajimemashite!” Rosi replied, nodding to Shadow’s teammates.

“Oh for crying out loud, speak in English!” Rouge cried in frustration, earning a rather surprised looking from both Rosi and Shadow. Shadow cleared his throat and nodded to Rosi. Rosi’s surprise changed to understanding and she smiled apologetically.

“Yes of course. Do forgive me. Everyone in the Royal Household has been so excited to meet Shadow-dono that I complete forgot myself.”

“Shadow-dono?” Rouge replied in confusion.

Rosi nodded, but didn’t bother to explain, “Let me try that again. I am Rosi, the royal housekeeper. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Oh. Likewise.” Rouge replied, calming down now that she knew what was being said.

“Please, come in.” Rosi said, gesturing toward the open door.

Shadow nodded before looking at Omega, “Omega, you’d better stay here. I’m not sure the palace’s interior is built to withstand your weight. Keep your sensors peeled for you-know-who.”

“Affirmative.” Omega replied as Shadow and Rouge followed Rosi inside.

“So, if Norwhola is on… rocky terms with the Federation,” Rouge began, “Why are you all so excited to meet Shadow?”

“You mean you don’t know? Shadow is practically a member of the royal family!” Rosi explained.

“What?!” Rouge gasped in surprise, looking at Shadow, only to receive an awkward look from the black hedgehog.

“Yes.” Rosi continued, “Queen Annika had something of a father-daughter relationship with Professor Gerald and Queen Lorika viewed Shadow and Gerald’s granddaughter Maria as her siblings. She spoke often of them, and always fondly.”

“And I’m just now hearing of this… why?” Rouge asked Shadow.

The black hedgehog cleared his throat again, “You know my memory is… sketchy.”

The white bat only sighed.

“Please, come and meet the princess. It’s important she become acquainted with you.” Rosi said more to Shadow than Rouge.

The two mobians nodded and followed Rosie up the steps to the second floor, before arriving at what was obviously the master bedroom. Rosi knocked lightly before entering.

“Himesama? Himesama no ojisan, Shadow-dono ga koko ni imasu.” Rosi announced in Nigokunese again, leaving Rouge frustrated once more.

The small child looked up at the three of them from where she sat on the floor, apparently playing some sort of game with a collection of stuffed animals. She stood up, picking up a stuffed rabbit and holding it close to her as the trio entered the room.

“Shadow-dono ni shoukaishimasu.”

“K… Konnichiwa…” The child offered shyly and Shadow responded by giving her a kind smile Rouge had never seen before.

“Hajimemashite, Christina-hime.”

“K… Kochira koso.”

The young princess listened—with Shadow quietly translating for Rouge—while Rosi explained to her that Shadow had come for her birthday party later that day, but it didn’t appear to put the child any more at ease.

The housekeeper finally sighed and led Shadow and Rouge to another room while the little girl sat down to have her lunch.

“Please forgive her.” Rosi said as she led them to another room where they could eat their own food. “I’m sure she doesn’t mean to be cold. But the princess has been raised in isolation and has never had the opportunity to interact with somebody on equal terms.”

“Why is that?” Rouge asked as she and Shadow sat down on a sofa.

“For her protection mainly.” Rosi replied as she began to pour some tea. “After her mother was killed, the elders feared that the princess would also be lost if she were to ever leave Norwhola, so she has been confined to the palace. Furthermore, she has never met someone of equal social stature, and thus, has never had any friends. The elders feared that allowing her to socialize with commoners would weaken the people’s opinion of her.”

“The elders?” Rouge asked in confusion.

Rosi nodded, “Yes. The council of elders. Whenever a ruler of Norwhola dies, and the next heir is too young to rule, the council rules in their stead until they become of age. They are also responsible for all major decisions regarding an heir’s upbringing in the absence of their parents. Sometimes however, I fear that the council rules more with the wellbeing of Norwhola in mind than the wellbeing of the princess.”

“Such is the life and duty of royalty.” Shadow lamented quietly.

“Yes…” Rosi agreed, “But in truth, I think the princess is very lonely. I do hope that someday, she’ll be able to trust someone enough to open up to them.”

Shadow nodded in agreement, “I’d like to stay close to her the rest of the day. That’s the best way to ensure her safety.”

“Yes, of course.” Rosi replied, and Shadow turned to Rouge.

“Take a look around and keep an eye out for anything suspicious.”

“Right.” Rouge said.

Sometime later, Shadow watched quietly as a pair of maids prepared the young princess for her coronation, though he honestly didn’t see the point in redoing her hair if they were just going to style it the exact same way. Shadow recalled, from the days he spent with the princess’ grandmother, that ponytails were the traditional hairstyle in Norwhola, and especially amongst the royal family, at least on special occasions. Then again, having been essentially raised by servants and the council, Princess Christina had probably never worn her hair another way.

When they had finished preparing her, the young princess stood up, the stuffed rabbit from before cradled in her arms. Rosi saw this and stepped forward.

“Himesama, usagi-chan wo itadakemasen ka?” She asked, although it was phrased more as a command.

“Iie!” Christina said defiantly, holding her rabbit closer, “Bunny ga hoshii desu!”

Rosi sighed and gently tried to explain to the child that she could not be holding the rabbit during the ceremony, but the child still refused.

“Bunny wa taisetsu desu ka?” Shadow asked the little girl. Princess Christina looked at him, slightly surprised because nobody besides her referred to it by its rather unoriginal name.

“Okaasama wa tsukaemashita.” She explained.

“Ah…” Shadow said with a look of understanding. The toy had been made by her mother. No wonder she was attached to it.

“Himesama…” Rosi tried again, “watashi wa kaeshimasu. Yakusoku desu.” It didn’t work. Christina just glared at her.

Finally, it was Shadow that convinced the child to temporarily part with her beloved toy by promising to protect it for her. With great reluctance, the little girl handed the stuffed animal to Shadow and allowed herself to be escorted into the hall.

Just before they entered the hall where she would be coroneted, Christina tugged on Rosi’s dress to get her attention, and the woman looked down.

“Hai, himesama?”

“Ivo no puresento wa doko desu ka?” The child asked hopefully, but Rosi shook her head.

“Taikanshiki shitekara kuremasu.” She told her.

“Ivo?” Shadow asked in confusion, knowing of only one person by that name, and Rosi nodded.

“Yes, the son of Dr. Eggman.” She explained, “Dr. Eggman grew up in Norwhola, as the Royal Family offered refuge to the remaining members of the Robotnik family after the ARK was shut down. But when he first tried to take over the world, Queen Crystalana banished him from Norwhola. However, she did not banish his son, who has no criminal record. She firmly believed that he was not to be punished for what his father did. However, when she died, the council forbid him from seeing the princess. Still, every year, he sends her a handmade birthday present, and she always loves them. That’s why she was asking if she could have it.”

“Oh.” Shadow replied. He had never known that Dr. Eggman had a son, though truthfully, it made sense, since he had a descendant in the distant future.

As he followed Christina and Rosi to join the council of elders on the dais of the ballroom, Shadow looked around, briefly wondering where Rouge and Omega were, but not worrying about it.

Christina stood in front of a small throne as the head of the council began some long-winded speech about coming of age, but Shadow didn’t bother to listen. He was too busy keeping his eyes open for anything that might happen. In fact, Christina had just been crowned and sat down on her little throne when Shadow received an emergency alert on his communicator. Omega had sounded the alarm!

Before he could react, a blue blur suddenly burst through the glass at the far end of the hall, causing many people to scream in alarm.

Christina stood up in surprise, and Shadow instantly stood next to her, putting his arm in front of her protectively.

Metal Sonic stopped and floated directly in front of the child and Mobian, glaring at them, as if trying to decide whether to attack them or not.

“Now, now, Metal Sonic, settle down!” Dr. Eggman commanded as he walked through the crowd. “Sorry about that.” He apologized with an elaborate bow, “I think Metal Sonic got the wrong idea about this little visit.”

“And just what is the idea, Doctor?” Shadow asked while gently urging Christina to back up a little.

Eggman grinned widely, “Why, I just wanted to wish the princess Happy Birthday!”

“You were banished from Norwhola five years ago!” An elder declared, “Take your robot and get out, Robotnik!”

“Now, now…” Eggman said defensively, “Can’t we leave the past in the past? After all,” He sneered and suddenly spoke in Nigokunese, “Boku wa himesama no kazoku.”

“Boku mo.” Shadow said suddenly, “himesama no chikaku ni kuru koto wa dekinai! Watashi wa Eggman ga hontou ni hoshikunai to shiru. Shinjinai.”

“Hmph.” Eggman grunted in annoyance, “You think you have more right to be with her, Shadow? That is not for you to decide. Elders, hear me, I want only to repay the favor done to me by the royal family as a child…”

Shadow glared at Eggman suspiciously as he continued spinning his lie, but suddenly, a gleam from the window caught his eye. “Get down!” He told Christina, quickly pushing her down just before a bullet shattered the window and passed right over them. He quickly sat up, glaring into the night, but was unable to see the assailant. Standing up, he gently pushed Princess Christina against the back of her throne so that he only had to focus on protecting her from three sides.

In that moment, Metal Sonic attempted to attack them, only to be kicked away by Rouge.

“Shadow! Things are getting out of hand! Omega and I will handle Eggman, get the princess out of here!”

Shadow nodded. He quickly took Christina’s hand and teleported outside the palace grounds. Unfortunately, that was as far as he could go, since he did not have a Chaos Emerald, but he did have another option. Without stopping to explain, he picked the young princess up and raced off with her, quickly making his way to the Norwholan Coast and then, without stopping, ran right over the ocean with her in his arms.

“Sh… Shadow-san…” The little princess whimpered fearfully.

“Daijoubu.” Shadow assured her, “Boku wa Christina-hime wo mamoru.”
Shadow and the Emerald Princess, Chapter 2
Amy: Had this written for a little while, but I'm just now posting it. ^^; The parts in Japanese were so hard to write. I'm used to writing in Japanese characters, not Romaji, and I kept putting "ha" instead of "wa" in a lot of the sentences.


Eggman: I am the princess' family.

Shadow: I am too. You can't come near the princess! I know that [to be her family] is not what you really want! I don't believe you!

Final part:

Shadow: It's okay. I'll protect you, Princess Christina.

Christina and the Norwholans belong to me.
Everyone else belongs to Sega

Almost done...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 28, 2016, 6:25 PM
:bulletpink::bulletpurple::bulletorange:Amy Rose Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Blaze Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Tikal Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki SonAmy Stamp by sonamy-fans :bulletorange::bulletpurple::bulletpink:

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Main Journal

Amy: Hey everyone. I've been meaning to post this update for a while, but I've been too busy. ^^; School ends on Monday and I still have like, 12 pages left in my workbook. @_@ I've been working on it as much as I can, but I can only write kanji for so long and sadly, 3 of the pages are kanji practice, which take me quite a while. Like, literally twenty minutes for one page. Although it just occurred to me that I COULD do the other kanji pages, which are just practice for reading kanji on my computer. I wish I had thought of that like, last night. :ohmygod:

At any rate, I have been working on various projects late at night, which is why I've been able to post stuff lately. But I'll have lots more time to devote to art, writing, and my blog once I finally finish this class.

Chao for now!

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Ashlyn: All right. We know we need to find the Chaos Emeralds, but where should we start looking?


Shadow: I managed to access the GUN database and learn the approximate locations of each Emerald. One is in the possession of the royal family of Acorn.


Caramel: Oh! I have family in the Southern Baronies! My Aunt Bunnie is friends with the queen.


Flamer: Aunt Bunnie?


Caramel: Well she’s not really my aunt. She’s a distant relative. I just call her that because she’s about the same age as Uncle Sonic and the others.


Ashlyn: Well you can’t go alone Caramel. I’ll go with you.


Shadow: All right. The next one is in White Acropolis. There’s also one in Dusty Desert.


Flamer: Nina and I can take those. We’ll head to Soleanna together and then split up.


Shadow: * nods * We’ve detected one in Leaf Storm as well.


Stargazer: I’ll go. The plants will help me find the Emerald.


Shadow: Good idea. So who wants to travel to Grand Metropolis?


Miley: I do! I do! I’ve been dying to see Grand Metropolis! They have some of the most advanced technology in the world!


Shadow: What about Crystal Cave in Grand Kingdom?


Ruby: Me!


Shadow: All right Sam. Looks like you’ll have to retrieve the final Emerald in Ocean Palace.


Sam: What?! But I can’t swim!


Shadow: You’ll figure it out. Your father always did.


Sam: * groans *



Sometime later, in the Southern Baronies…


Ashlyn: Are you sure about this Caramel?


Caramel: Don’t worry Ashlyn. Aunt Bunnie is very nice.


Bunnie: *comes out to greet them* Caramel! What are you doing here, sugah?


Sugar: Chao, chao! >.<


Bunnie: I know, I know. You’re Sugah.


Sugar: Chao!


Caramel: Hi Aunt Bunnie. This is my friend, Ashlyn.


Bunnie: Pleased to meet ya, darlin’. So what brings ya’ll all the way out here?


Caramel: We need help Aunt Bunnie! Dr. Eggman’s son has begun taking over cities! Mama and the others tried to stop them, but they were captured!


Bunnie: Oh mah stars!


Ashlyn: We have to find the Chaos Emeralds before he does. Uncle Shadow says that the Royal family has one in their possession.


Bunnie: Ya know, I think I remember Sally mentioning something about that…


Ashlyn: Could you help us? Queen Sally is an old friend of my dad, but I’ve never met her.


Bunnie: Why sure Ah can. Let’s hurry on to Mobotroplis, girls!



A short while later…


Sally: Bunnie, what’s going on? It’s unlike you to arrive here unannounced.


Bunnie: Ah know, but this is an emergency. Let me introduce ya to my cousin Caramel and her friend Ashlyn. Ashlyn is Sonic’s daughter.


Sally: It’s a pleasure to meet you both.


Ashlyn and Caramel: *curtsy* Likewise, your majesty.


Sally: Oh please don’t be so formal. It feels weird. Especially coming from Sonic’s daughter.


Ashlyn: *chuckles* ^^;


Sally: So what’s the emergency?


Ashlyn: Have you heard about the attacks Eggman’s son has been launching on the Federation?


Sally: Of course I have. We’ve been trying to figure out what to do if he should attack us.


Ashlyn: Our parents tried to stop him, but were captured. So now we’re trying to stop him ourselves. To do that, we need the Chaos Emeralds.


Sally: *nods* That makes perfect sense. I had planned on having our scientists look for a way to use it to protect us somehow, but I think we’ll all be safest if it’s in your hands. Wait right here.





Nina: *is climbing a snowy mountain in search of the Emerald* I think I’m almost there… Man it’s cold out here… *communicator beeps*


Flamer: (on communicator): Nina! How you doing?


Nina: The cold is kind of numbing my senses a little, but I think I’ve almost found it.


Flamer: I know what you’d mean. It’s hard to see where I’m going in all this sand…


Nina: I found it!


Flamer: Good job!


Nina: Huh? What’s that? *shields her eyes and looks in the distance*


Flamer: What’s up? Do you see something else?


Nina: *sees what it is and eyes widen* I’d better tell this to Uncle Shadow!





Miley: *walking around the city of Grand Metropolis, looking around in awe* This place is ah-mazing!


???: Shinjirarenai!


Miley: Huh? *looks over and sees a human girl with blonde hair watching a news broadcast of Eggman Jr.’s attacks in a store window. Hesitantly walks over to her* Ano… sumimasen… doushitan desu ka?


Girl: Huh? *turns and looks at Miley* Federation-jin desu ka?


Miley: H-Hai…


Girl: Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to startle you, I was just… *averts her eyes, then shakes her head* Never mind… *notices Miley’s twin tails* Hey… can I ask you something?


Miley: Sure, what is it?


Girl: It’s just… you look like someone I’ve heard about… Do you know Miles Prower?


Miley: Yeah, he’s my dad…


Girl: Hontou?! *clears her throat* Sorry. In that case, I’d like you to have this… *takes out a Chaos Emerald and hands it to her*


Miley: *looks at it in confusion* Really? You’re giving me this?


Girl: Y-Yeah… It should be with somebody who can keep it safe… from that… maniac. *gestures to the news broadcast* And that person isn’t me. Please… take it.


Miley: *takes it* Okay… thanks… Um, I’m Miley. Can I have your… *trails off as she realizes the girl vanished* Well… that was easy… I guess… *flies away*



Back at Angel Island…


Ashlyn: Man, that was a breeze! I totally forgot that my dad was friends with Queen Sally!


Caramel: *giggles* I bet Uncle Sonic knows people from all over!


Flamer: *walks up with Nina* Oh sure. You guys get to waltz into a palace and ask for your Emerald. I had to go digging through a scorching desert to find mine.


Stargazer: It was pretty easy to find mine. The plants in Leaf Storm Zone led me right to it.


Flamer: Good for you.


Nina: I had to climb an icy mountain… That reminds me Uncle Shadow, I—


Ruby: Hey guys! *lands gently on the grass*


Ashlyn: Hey Ruby! How was the Crystal Cave?


Ruby: It. Was. Awesome! It was so beautiful and I got to nab a few gems while I was in there!


Flamer: You did actually get the one you went for, right?


Ruby: *holds up the Chaos Emerald* Of course.


Sam: *suddenly appears, dripping wet and coughing* I… hate… water… *collapses with the Chaos Emerald in his hand*


Shadow: *smirks, mildly amused* What were you going to say Nina?


Nina: I think Eggman Jr. has some kind of base out in White Acropolis.


Shadow: It wouldn’t surprise me. He probably has multiple bases in remote locations. I’ll inform GUN of that one though.


Nina: *nods* I wonder where Miley is?


Miley: Hey guys! *flies over to them and lands*


Shadow: Did you find the Emerald?


Miley: Yeah… it was kind of weird though…


Ashlyn: What do you mean?


Miley: I met a girl in Grand Metropolis who just… gave it to me.


Sam: *finally stands back up* That is kinda weird…


Shadow: We can’t dwell on it right now. You kids have a bigger task at hand.


Flamer: And that is?


Shadow: Sneaking into Metropolis. You can’t use the underground as your parents did. That’s how they got caught.


Stargazer: What should we do then?


Shadow: I don’t know. Jr. has apparently studied his father’s encounters with Sonic’s team and mine. He’d likely expect anything I’d suggest. You’ll have to figure it out on your own.


Kids: Hm…


Miley: Ah! I think I have an idea! But it’ll take a bit of tinkering! To the lab! *flies off*


Ruby: Ah! Miley, wait up! *flies after Miley*


*the others sigh and follow Miley and Ruby*

Sonic's World 20 Years From Now: Reboot Issue 2
Amy: Finally got around to finishing this. I had writer's block for the longest time. But I wanna finish this first story so that I can move on to the second one, which I actually have sort of planned out.

Also, a few notes about Sally and Bunnie's appearance in this episode:

This series has zero connection to the timeline of the comics. It is based purely upon the game timeline and follows the same timeline as Emerald Sister (which explains why Cosmo is there). Bunnie and Sally exist in this series only because they appeared in Sonic Spinball.

That being said, it was easiest to keep most of their background info the same.

Sally is the queen of Acorn. Do not ask me who she married or anything like that, because I honestly never bothered to come up with answers to those questions. She has only ever been friends with Sonic. Also, on that note, although I am a Sonamy fan, I by no means dislike Sally as a character. So I'm not going to portray her as some kind of spoiled brat the way a lot of Sonamy fans do...

Bunnie is part robot simply because that's how she appeared in Sonic Spinball. My explanation for that is that she suffered an accident as a child and the robotic body parts were created to replace the parts of her body that had been mutilated. Similar to her current backstory in the comics. She is also currently the baroness of the Southern Baronies because her Uncle, the Baron, had no children. For the sake of not bothering to come up with another character, she is married to Antoine, though he honestly will probably never appear.

The Adventures, Eggman Jr. and the Girl from Grand Metropolis belong to us.
Everyone else belongs to Sega.

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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 28, 2016, 6:25 PM
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Main Journal

Amy: Hey everyone. I've been meaning to post this update for a while, but I've been too busy. ^^; School ends on Monday and I still have like, 12 pages left in my workbook. @_@ I've been working on it as much as I can, but I can only write kanji for so long and sadly, 3 of the pages are kanji practice, which take me quite a while. Like, literally twenty minutes for one page. Although it just occurred to me that I COULD do the other kanji pages, which are just practice for reading kanji on my computer. I wish I had thought of that like, last night. :ohmygod:

At any rate, I have been working on various projects late at night, which is why I've been able to post stuff lately. But I'll have lots more time to devote to art, writing, and my blog once I finally finish this class.

Chao for now!

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Amy, Blaze, and Tikal
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Amy: Hi! We're the Chao Sisters, Amy, Blaze, and Tikal! We love chao and anything Sonic, so most of the stuff on this account has something to do with Sonic. I'm Amy (that's actually my nickname because my fave character is Amy Rose), and I'm the main author for our main series, "Sonic's World, 20 Years From Now," a series that is mainly about the Sonic and the others children, and their own adventures. However, even though I write it, I do get a lot of feedback from Blaze and Tikal, and they are both responsible for creating and/or designing several of the characters. 20YFN will be an ongoing series that will continue as long as we don't run out of ideas (which probably won't happen since we pull a lot of inspiration from the games). Blaze is also doing her own series called "Sonic Drama Island" which will have an eventual end. Tikal has her own account called :icontikalember: so you can also check out her stuff. Oh, and all three of us love to draw, and a lot of our drawings are used in our different series. Most of the time I'll be the one uploading them, regardless of who drew them, but occasionally Blaze will do her own uploading. Also, I upload the scripts for all of our series because they are all typed up on my computer. Blaze does write her own scripts, but always in a notebook, so they are always transcripted onto my computer and then uploaded by me, although this might change since Blaze recently got her own computer. By the way, all of our stories are based solely on information and events in the games and have no relation to the Archie Comics or any of the Sonic cartoon shows. The closest thing is that Cosmo the Seedrian appears in Blaze's series "Sonic Drama Island" but in that series, we have her as never having met Sonic and the others before.

Also, we have a rule about posting comments on our deviations, and our profile. Well, really two rules. The first is no flaming; ever. As it says in our signature, if you don't like something of ours, that is your opinion and you're entitled to it. We'll respect that, but in return you need to respect us by keeping the rude and/or nasty comments to yourself. The second is no swear words. I have a strong dislike for swear words, so if anyone, ANYONE, posts a comment on our profile, or on one of our drawings or stories using a swear word, it will be hidden from view, even if the person is our friend, and even if they were praising our work. Now, that may not necessarily be true if the swearing is in their signature, because I usually read comments in our messages, and signatures aren't shown there. However, if I see a comment that has a swear word in the signature, I will hide it too, because I do not want to see that. If you break either of these two rules, you're comment will be hidden from view, and if you flamed our work, you're probably gonna receive a reply from me telling you off and giving you the whole spill about respect and keeping it to yourself. So please people, be respectful, of us, and of others. Oh, and also, I don't want to be a hypocrite, so let me say this: I know a lot of people are not major haters of swearing the way I am, and see nothing wrong with putting it in their signature. Now, I don't want to be disrespectful to you or anything by hiding the comment because of the signature, however, I do not want to see the word myself, I also don't want younger children who might look at the deviation to see it. We keep all of our stuff rated G, PG at most (and that would only be because of violence). I know somebody whose children are only allowed to read/watch our stuff because she knows how adamant I am about keeping it clean. So yes, younger children may see this stuff, and I don't want them to see such language, even if it is in somebody's signature. Forgive this little rant, but we have had a couple of problems with this.

Also, we do both requests and commissions. Requests are only available to our Watchers however.

For everyone else, the prices are 20 points for a single character picture, and plus 10 points for each additional character. (p = 20 +10a). It's really just a question of whether you prefer to watch us or pay us.

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4. We will not do pictures of your OCs unless you are listed under our close friends.

If you comply with these rules, we'll be happy to do a request for you (or at least attempt to). Also, the reason that I didn't list all the principles that a request must not compromise is that I'm not sure if I can remember them all off the top of my head. But if you request something that would be against our morals, we'll let you know.
HOWEVER, I must point out that our requests are kinda closed to the public right now because I don't have the time for them. They might be reopened during the summer, AFTER I get my room cleaned up and hopefully catch up on all of my unfinished projects. We might take a request from one of the people listed to be our close friend, but nobody else.

Our DA friends:

Amy: By my definition, a friend on DA is somebody on your WATCH list that is also on your list of WATCHERS. That being said, our DA friends are as follows:














Anyway, hopefully Blaze will add her own spill onto this soon.

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